Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Disney Dining Review: Maya Grill at Coronado Springs Resort

As I mentioned last week … or this week … is Sunday the start of your week or Monday?  Anyway…

A couple of days ago I talked about the fact that Hubs and I decided to become members of Disney’s Tables in Wonderland, which gets us a 20% discount at most Disney table service restaurants.  And I told you that we were going to try out a new Disney dining experience each week to get our money’s worth … or spend a lot of money on food … however you want to look at it. 

This past Saturday we made reservations through the My Disney Experience app for the Maya Grill at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. 

Hubs and I love going out to the Coronado because it’s a fun hotel with a Southwest theme, it has a neat “food court-y” type of restaurant called the Pepper Market that we like to go to, and we love walking the trail around the lake/resort to get a little exercise in after stuffing our faces.  It’s a win win experience all around.  Love Coronado. 

In all of our outings to Coronado we have always seen Maya Grill from afar, but we never ate there.  Until Saturday night.  For some reason I didn’t realize that Maya Grill was a straight up Mexican restaurant.  I thought it was mostly American food with some chimichangas thrown in the mix.  But no.  Before I get to the menu, let’s talk about the ambiance, because this was a really pretty restaurant.

Hi Hubs!

The menu was very nice and had everything from enchiladas to tacos to chimichangas and then they had non-Mexican fare on the menu as well.  Since Hubs and I were in the Mexican mood, we opted for Mexican, but it was hard to make a decision because everything sounded so good.  We started with the Queso Fundido as an appetizer, because I just can’t go to a Mexican restaurant and not get queso, it’s just not right.  It was delish, and polished off in about 3 minutes with warm tortillas and chips.  Mmm.  

Hubs opted for the Chimichanga Platter, which was a beef and chicken chimi. I opted for the Three Amigos, which was a chicken enchilada, a beef enchilada and a cheese enchilada.  I never order enchiladas in a restaurant because my dad makes the best enchiladas on the planet, and I know restaurant enchiladas will never stack up to my dad’s (seriously).  So that was my first mistake when I ordered the Three Amigos.

My food was good, but not great.  It wasn’t “blow me out of my chair” Mexican and I think that’s partly because I broke my enchilada ordering rule and partly because I was already full from the Queso Fundido, chips and salsa.  Ah well.  I had a bit of Hubs’ chimi and it was very good.    

Overall I really liked Maya Grill.  I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and the menu was great.  While I didn’t love my dish, I would like to go back and try something different, because everything sounded so yummy. 

After dinner we did the big loop around Coronado Springs and walked off part of our meal.  I ran into one of the Three Caballeros.

Yes, I am wearing my Stitch Fix shirt AGAIN.  I wear it too much, I know.

And then I wore a giant bow.

Overall, great night out! 

Next week:  Garden Grill at Epcot – my choice! 

How about you … Have you ever been to Maya Grill?  Coronado Springs?  How about Garden Grill – anyone been there?  Did you like it?

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