Saturday, July 19, 2014


As if this week hasn't been busy enough (I only got to blog once?!), Thursday I woke up with the creeping crud. Hubs has been fighting a sore throat/cough/phlegmy thing all week and I thought I was immune. No dice. I woke up Thursday feeling like poo with a sore throat and general crapiness from the neck up. And then yesterday, the icing on the cake, I lost my voice. Awesome. 

Since I am a firm believer of "sweating out the ickies" I decided to workout this morning. I didn't T25 on Thursday or Friday - wasn't happening - so today I did the workout that was mostly cardio so I could sweat a lot and jump a lot. The jumping helped loosen up the phlegm that has accumulated over night (sorry, gross), so right now, post-workout, I'm feeling pretty good. 

Needless to say Hubs and I are going to lay pretty low this weekend and pray to God that Jillian doesn't get the crud. So far so good. 

How about you ... Anyone else sick out there? (That's a weird question) What are your plans for the weekend? 

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