Friday, August 22, 2014

Disney Dining Review: Kouzzina by Cat Cora

Last Saturday night we went out to a Disney sit down restaurant for the fifth week in a row. We are on a roll, and definitely making the most of our Tables in  Wonderland membership! 

Our destination: Kouzzina by (celeb chef) Cat Cora at Disney's Boardwalk. 

We go to Boardwalk a lot to walk around and we've passed by Kouzzina about a thousand times and never thought to go since we are not really huge fans of Greek food. However, we heard earlier this year that Kouzzina would be closing it's doors at the end of September so we figured we should probably go before it's gone for good. 

Kouzzina is a beautiful restaurant inside.

It's very open and has a huge show kitchen so you can see them cook everything. Throughout our meal we would see giant flames out of the corner of our eye from them making saganaki. The flame was always accompanied by a big "OPA!!"  By he end of the meal we had Jillian saying "OPA!!" 

Hmm, what should I get?
Since Hubs and I are not super familiar with Greek cuisine, we had a hard time deciding what to get. But one thing was certain, I knew I wanted saganaki. For those unfamiliar, saganaki is a traditional Greek dish of Haloumi cheese, oil and spices fried, flambeyed, extinguished with lemon juice and served with bread. Or fried cheese if you're classy like me. I never pass on fried cheese.

I've had saganaki one other time at a tapas restaurant and it blew my socks off, so I knew I wanted to try it at a true Greek restaurant like Kouzzina. And to be honest, it didn't live up to my first saganaki experience. Kind of a bummer, but still tasty. 

For our entrees, I decided on oak fired pork tenderloin served with Feta-zucchini spoon bread and green beans.  And Hubs went with the Pastitsio, which is a Greek style lasagna made with cinnamon-stewed beef and Greek cheeses.

It was good! The pork was tender and delicious, but I wasn't crazy about the spoon bread. It had Feta in it and I'm not a huge fan if strong cheeses like that (believe it or not). Hubs wasn't crazy about his, not because it was bad but just because he wasn't into the different Greek flavors. I think he was expecting it to taste like regular Italian lasagna. 

Overall I liked Kouzzina. I didn't love it since I'm not big on Greek food, but that's okay. This whole experience is about trying new places and new foods, right?  

Afterwards we took a stroll around the Boardwalk, even though it was like 400 degrees and it had just rained so it was like pea-soup humid.  Ugh.  My hair at the end of the walk was ... interesting.  

Oh, and I decided after looking at this picture  that I really need to retire my favorite "maternity" flowy tank.  It's not a maternity top, but I wore it throughout my 9 months of pregnancy.  I like to wear it sometimes when I want something big and flowy.  Didn't realize it still made me look 9 months pregnant.  Sheesh.  Burning it.

This Saturday:  Turf Club Bar and Grill at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort.  Yeah, I had never heard of it either.  It was Hubs' choice - the menu looks tasty though! 

How about you ... Have you been to Kouzzina?  Are you a fan of Greek food?  

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