Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Getting Back To It

Hey there! I meant to write yesterday and then the day just got away from me. Hate that. 

Today marked my triumphant return back to T25 after a long week off. Getting back on the horse is always so hard. I tried yesterday but it didn't happen so I had to make it happen today. I embarked on day one of week 3 of the Beta series. This means that I am three weeks away from finishing T25. Yeah there was that week off in the middle but hey, I'm back full force for the next three weeks. And then I'm going to try the hybrid InsaniT25 - half Insanity, half T25, all good! 


Remember my obsession with Goldfish crackers? I found a solution. Buy a Costco sized box of the "whole grain" cheddar goldfish. They are not as good as the regular ones which means mommy doesn't eat so many. Hooray! I probably shouldn't bad mouth anything whole grain because it's good for you, but they really aren't as good. Just sayin. 

I am trying really hard to get back on board with some healthier eating this week. Lately I've been abandoning all of my rules - not drinking water (and drinking too much Diet Coke), snacking way too much, eating out a lot... no bueno. I bought a big bag of salad to celebrate. Yay. 

Our weekend was a good one. It included a much needed mani/pedi for me, Greek food (Disney dining recap coming soon!) and lots of relaxation. I love weekends like that. 

Here's to a good, healthy(ish) week!!

How about you ... How do you get back on a healthier track after indulging a little too much? 

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