Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Goal Check In

So yesterday I ate an entire bag of these.

Granted, it was a small bag, but it was still a bag.  The.  Entire.  Bag.  This is why I can’t buy things like candy or cookies and have them readily available.  I eat it until it’s gone.  Not good.

After yesterday’s little debacle, and the fact that it’s the beginning of a new month, I decided it might be a good time to check in on those goals that I set for myself a while back.  See how I’m doing.  I’m scared…

So, back in June I decided that I wanted to do a few things.  I wanted to get back on the workout wagon (check!), I wanted to drink more water (check!) and I wanted to eat less sugar (ummm….).  So here’s the breakdown of how I’m doing…

Drink 100 ounces of water each day
Yes.  Well, sort of.  I started off super gung ho on this and then I ran into a little problem.  I was in the bathroom literally like 5 hours a day peeing.  I couldn’t get through a conference call without having to go to the bathroom (and I have a lot of conference calls in a day).  One time I actually had to say to my boss in the middle of a team meeting (granted it was a 2 hour meeting), “um, can we take a 5 minute break?” (I kid you not, I now get teased for it).  So I had to scale back on the amount of water I drank during the workday.  I’m not drinking 100 ounces anymore, but I am drinking more water than I was, so that’s good.

Do a T25 workout at least 2x per week
Yes yes yes.  And I’m actually doing it 5x per week, so go me.

Walk/run outside at least 3x per week
No.  Because I’m doing T25 5x a week, I’m not walking/running outside right now.  Although, I have plans to do this next week when I am on a little mini-vacay.  (more on that later)  And, since I signed up for a 10K, I need to get a training plan together one of these days.

Do The 7 Minute Workout everyday
No.  Because I’m doing T25, many of the moves in the 7 minute workout are the same.  God forbid I do more than I should.  Pshah! 

Bring back the Daily Duo
Yes!  Well, yes.  I do the 20 push-ups every day.  The jump squats – I do so many jump squats during T25 that I can’t bear to do any more.  So I just lump them into my T25.  (I blame a bunch on T25, don’t I?)

Walk at least 7,000 steps a day
I’m getting better about this.  Because of the T25 workouts I’m getting 1,000-3,000 “steps” in before 7am, which is cool.  Some days I can get the 7000 in, some days I still don’t.  But I’m working on it.

Limit sugar
Yeah about that…  I discovered ice cream over the last month or so.  I’m not a huge ice cream fan.  I love a McDonald’s cone, but beyond that ice cream is just eh for me.  Especially ice cream at home.  I’d much rather have a cookie.  Well, for Father’s Day I bought some Blue Bell Homestyle Vanilla ice cream and it is the best gosh darn ice cream I have ever eaten.  It’s creamy, it’s really vanilla-y and it’s so good.  So I have been enjoying a scoop (or two) pretty much every night since then.  Yeah… 

-    Limit snacks
I’m getting better with this.  I still have my Goldfish obsession, but our pantry now does not contain nearly as much snacky food as it once did.  This is both good and frustrating.  Good because I don’t snack.  Frustrating because when I really really want something, there is absolutely nothing that looks appetizing, so I just don’t eat.  And then I get crabby. 

-     4pm Apple and Peanut Butter
No!  I wish I was doing this.  I did it for like 2 weeks and then fell off.  Gotta do this again.  Because it’s delish, and it might help with my issue in the bullet above. 

So that’s it.  Like I’ve said before, I’m really proud of myself for getting back on T25 and sticking with it now for 6 weeks straight.  That’s huge, and make me feel so good.  The eating thing I still need to get under control.  Imagine if I could get both on track.  It’ll never happen, it always seems to be one or the other, but I can dream, right? 

How about you … What goals have you set for yourself?  How are you doing?  

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