Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mid-Afternoon Workout

Yesterday I woke up and I was so very tired. I got up at my normal time, went in the bathroom to get ready for T25, and then completely abandoned that plan and got back in bed. Eh, it happens. I felt a little guilty but knew I'd make up for it later in the week to get in all my workouts for week two. 

As the day went on I started to feel guiltier for not getting up and working out. Since my workday was really slow, after lunch I decided to take Jillian for a walk, because she didn't seem like she wanted to take a nap, and a stroller ride (almost) always does the trick. Because it's 900 degrees out I put on my sweaty workout clothes from Monday (yeah that might be gross but I was just going to sweat more) and set out for a walk. 

After 15 minutes Jillian was out like a light and I was suddenly motivated to work out more. It must have been the workout clothes. Or the guilt. Since I was already sweaty I came home and went upstairs and did my missing T25 workout that I didn't do that morning.  Yes!  

There is something to be said for a mid afternoon workout. For the rest of the day I felt great! I wasn't as tired as I was earlier and I wasn't as "snacky" as I normally am when I work from home, so that was a big plus. Although, I still had a couple handfuls of Goldfish - can't get away from those.

I might have to make this mid-afternoon workout a thing! 

How about you ... When do you work out? Any mid-day worker outers? 

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