Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Hair and What We're Watching

I'm getting new hair today!  I can't wait.  I've been dying for a haircut for weeks now, and today was the only time my stylist could fit me in, so I am super excited about leaving early today to get my hair "did."  Here's my before pic...

How come every time I decide to get a new 'do, the day of my appointment I end up having a good hair day?  It almost always makes me rethink my decision to cut my hair, but I always still do.  And, believe it or not, I haven't washed my hair since Monday and it still looks decent.  Anyway...

So as we all know, it's summer and "regular TV" has been off the air since May.  But that hasn't slowed down TV watching in our house.  I thought for fun I'd highlight a couple of shows that are playing on our TVs in our house - you know, to see if you guys watch as much TV as I do.  (hee, so bad, I know) 

Big Brother (CBS)
I LOVE BIG BROTHER!  It makes me sad that it's only on during the summer months.  Every September when it ends I go into a depression that I won't get to see it again until July.  Well, not really, but I am always sad to see it end because this show is awesome. Big Brother was always show I didn't want to like.  It's on three days a week, which is a huge commitment, but it’s so worth it.  This year’s cast is awesome and I just love the larger than life Frankie – who is actually Ariana Grande’s brother.  (I know I’m not a tween, but I kind of love her music)

Bachelor in Paradise (ABC)
Ugh, why!?!?  I’m a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, so when I saw the dramatic previews for Bachelor in Paradise, I was like “hell yeah!”  It’s basically a bunch of the cast offs from previous Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons all together on a desert island trying to find love with each other.  There’s drama, there’s fighting, there’s people stealing other people’s love interests, it’s quality TV.  It is a little boring at times, but there are some good love triangles, crazy people and cat fights, which is what keeps me tuning in. 

Flipping The Block (HGTV)
You know we love a good HGTV home renovation show in our house, so when we saw that Josh Temple from House Crashers was hosting a new competition style “crasher” show, we were sold.  This show is so good!  Four teams have to renovate a run-down condo building one room at a time with a total budget of $37,500.  The winner is determined by how much their condo sells for at auction.  It’s interesting and makes me want to demo something! 

The Last Ship (TNT)
My parents got us hooked on this show.  A crazy virus has wiped out 80% of the earth’s population while a Navy ship, helmed by Eric Dane (who looks weird without facial hair), is out on a 4 month mission.  When they go to break their 4-month radio silence they realize that 80% of the world is dead.  What the crew didn’t realize was that the two virologists on the ship knew all about it and were doing research on the virus.  This show is grim, and sort of terrifying to think that this could actually maybe possibly happen (hello Ebola), but it’s really really good.  I’m happy that it was picked up for a second season already.  You should check it out.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team (CMT)

I have been watching this show now for 9 seasons.  Yes, 9.  There is just something so intriguing about watching girls the size of my left thigh dancing, strutting and doing those crazy Dallas Cowboy jump splits.  The show chronicles the audition process and training camp for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders – and it’s tough.  It’s like boot camp.  The ladies who run the team are tough and mean and I would totally cry if I was in these girls’ shoes.   But I love watching this show because I am so intrigued by how these girls can dance like they do (because I cannot dance) and how the heck they can jump up in the air and land in a full split.  How does one do that?  

How about you ... What are you watching right now?  Do you watch any of these shows?  Do tell!

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