Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Hair, New Shoes

I got new hair!  But I’m not sure I'm really happy about it. 

 I’m not sure what possessed me to go with the blunt, straight across bang look. I never knew if I could get away with it, and now I know I can’t. (I know this pic doesn't really depict the "blunt, straight across" style, because it looks ridiculous)

Yesterday when I was in the chair, my stylist cut my bangs the same way she always does and I found myself wanting something different and heard myself say “shorter, shorter.”  What is wrong with me?  You should never urge someone to cut your bangs shorter.  And then when they were pretty short already I was like “what if you did the blunt, straight across bang” and SNIP it was done.  Right after we were both like “ooh I love it!” and then I looked in the mirror when I got home and I was like “what did I do?!” 

The good thing is that I can pin them back or swoosh them to the side and they’ll grow back pretty fast.  The bad thing is that I kind of look like I am wearing a bad wig.  Oy.  I said I wanted something different, right?  Well, I got it.  Sheesh.

After my appointment I decided to take a stroll through DSW, because it is right next door to my salon and I am in desperate need of some shoes that I can wear with work pants (ie, closed toed, fancy-ish shoes).  I have a devil of a time finding shoes that fit me because one foot is a full half size smaller than the other.  Because of this, I have a wardrobe of open toed, backless shoes where I don’t have to worry about my two different sized feet.  I’m always on the lookout for a particular style of shoe that offers a slingback, but also a buckle to keep the shoe on my small foot. I know this sounds weird and slightly old lady-ish, but it’s the style that works for me.

Anyway, I hit the jackpot at DSW.  I found the precise pair I was looking for.  Thank you Life Stride for making shoes for me.

This is the Life Stride Klassy Pump and it’s my savior.  I actually bought this same shoe (in both black and nude) like 8 years ago, and I wore them completely out and had to get rid of them.  Since then I haven’t been able to find a pair like this and have always been on the lookout.  I found them in nude at DSW, but they didn’t have black (which is the color I really needed).  So I asked the girl who worked there and she said, “I can order them for you on my handy dandy iPad and have them shipped to you.”  Um, awesome.  So within a few seconds they were ordered, paid for and on their way to my door.  How’s that for service?  I also bought the nude pair, which they did have in my size in the store.

After I crossed that “to do” off my shoe list, I was on the lookout for a new pair of everyday sandals in black and tan.  Because I need more sandals like I need a hole in the head.  But, I wear sandals year round, so they are worth the investment.  In the deep discount section of DSW I found these.

Bandolino Kara Wedges. They were 40% off and fit like a glove.  I found them in both black and tan in the discount section (that never happens) so I had to get them both. 

And then, just to round things out I bought a pair of New Balance Cross Trainers that were too cute to pass up. They will be my new “walk around Disney” shoes.  Hey, Food and Wine is coming so I’ll be wearing them a bunch.  I couldn’t find the color I bought online, but here they are in white.  The ones I got are silvery gray and a minty green/blue.  Pretty! 

DSW is hit or miss for me.  I either walk in and walk out with nothing.  Or I walk in and walk out with 5 pairs of shoes, which is what I did yesterday.  My wallet isn’t so happy, but I sure am.  I’m a firm believer in “if you find a shoe that fits, buy them in every color.”   I only buy shoes every so often, so I think it’s okay.  It made up for the travesty of my horrible bangs.

How about you … Are you a fan of the DSW?  Have you ever gotten a bad haircut where you were like “what was I thinking!?!?”  

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