Friday, August 29, 2014

Random Fact Friday - Labor Day Weekend Style

Hey there!  It’s Friday?!?  OK!

- I have been so off this week because I worked from home Monday and Tuesday and then Thursday.  Usually I only work from home Tuesday and Thursday but Jillian had a mid-day pediatrician appointment on Monday so I just stayed home that day.  Anyway, as a result I have been so off since Monday.  Tuesday I thought it was Thursday since it was my second day working at home, and Thursday morning I woke up and thought it was the weekend.  It’s just been weird.  Whatever, it’s Friday. 

- I have a 4-day weekend this weekend and I couldn’t be happier!  My aunt is coming in from Chicago, so we have some fun planned, including some Disney action, so it’s guaranteed to be fun.  It’s the freakin’ weekend!

Long that song!   (I now have it stuck in my head, toot toot, beep beep)

- So I went a full week without T25.  Hmph.  When I’m on, I’m really on.  When I’m off, I’m really off.  Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  (Mmm cookies…)  I’m kind of mad at myself for this because I was thisclose to finishing T25.  Now I have another 2 weeks.  It’s OK, I’ll get back on it. 

- Hubs and I made a pact last night after eating pizza for dinner.  Our pact:  no more pizza.  We even shook on it.  We have both been feeling a little “eh” about our eating lately.  And by “eh” I mean sort of disgusted.  We make poor food choices more often than we make good ones and we need to stop that.  So we’re going to focus on eating better, putting healthy things into our bodies, trying to eliminate some bad stuff … try being the operative word.  (hee)  We are good at committing to something for a period of time (a la 24 day challenge, or Insanity)  but normally when the time period is over we go right back to our crappy ways of eating.  We need to just make a change.  So we’re going to try and do that. 

- I am NOT a Taylor Swift fan.  I find her so annoying that I just can’t even handle it. (I’m sorry, I know that makes me evil to some)  However … this song and video make me like her a wee little bit.  The song is catchy and video is so fun.  I still can’t get on board with her, but I can get on board with this song.  And, um, this isn’t country music now, is it? 

- My Stitch Fix box should be at my house now as we speak.  I cannot wait to get home and rip into it!  I hope there’s good stuff in there.  I built a gigantic “Closet” board on Pinterest so that they could get ideas.  Fingers crossed I get some good pieces.

- Jillian is having way more fun than I am right now.  She’s chillin’ at the kiddie pool with my in-laws.  Wish I was there!!

And on that note, I’m outta here.  My afternoon meetings just got cancelled, so maybe I can start my weekend early… ?

How about you … Do you have any plans for the long holiday weekend?  

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