Friday, August 1, 2014

Random Facts Friday

Happy Friday!  I'm having a good hair day today, so I feel good!  

Here's some randomness for ya!

- The other day I professed my love for Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" and I posted the same love on Instagram (follow me at kerrys99) and just guess who "liked" my post?

Yeah, Meghan Trainor herself.  Social Media is cool like that.  I think that means we're BFFs now, right?  

- Speaking of Instagram Jordyn (my step daughter) posted this "pool selfie" of herself and OMG, it's such a gorgeous picture that I have to share it.  And frame it, and put it on our mantel.  Gorgeous.

I wish I looked this chic when I was at the pool.  I'm usually wet and sweaty and not attractive at all.

- Is anyone else totally tired of hearing about the guy who was dumped by The Bachelorette, Nick Viall?  OMG, go away!  She didn't pick you, it's over, stop going on talk shows and talking about it.  I was never a fan of him on the show.  

And take your weird scarves with you.  Men in fashion scarves is just weird.  Scarves for warmth, sure, but not fashion scarves.  He wore a lot of scarves.  It's summer, why are you wearing a scarf?

- Yesterday I did the T25 Speed 2.0 workout.  It was like a freight train - I didn't know what hit me until it was over.  The workout was a routine of non-stop jumping with no breaks, and then you repeated it again and again and again.  It was awesome, but it was so fast.  Made the 25 minutes fly, so that is always a plus.  Today I did Rip't Circuit which wasn't as much cardio as Speed but still kicked my butt. In a good way. 

- Jillian is in that stage in life where she learns/says a new word like everyday. On Saturday night while we were at Epcot she mastered the word Epcot. Now every time she sees the ball she goes "Epcot!" She can't say mommy but she can say Epcot. That's my kid! 

This is Jillian's "pool selfie" from this week.

Have a super Friday and weekend!  

How about you … Opinions on men in scarves, Nick, pool selfies or my newfound friendship with Meghan Trainor?  

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  1. I agree, totally over Nick! I didn't feel bad for him in the first place.