Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Walking to Lunch

Ever since I moved to a new office, there has been a plethora of new lunch options within walking distance.  Unfrotuantely I am extreme creature of habit and the only place I ever go is Subway because it’s really quick to get in and out and it’s the best fast food place ever.  Have I ever talked about my extreme love for Subway?  It’s my absolute favorite restaurant.  I love sandwiches.  But anyway.

I have always known that it probably takes less time to walk there and back than it does to walk to my car, turn it on, drive, park, walk into the Subway and then drive back, park and walk back into the building.  So today I decided to test it.  I have refrained from this mainly because it’s HOT outside.  Like 95 degrees and humid hot.  And I’m a big time sweater, so I wasn’t keen on being sweaty at work.  I was planning to try the whole “walk to lunch” thing once it got cooler … in December. 

Well, I’m happy to report it took me less than one song length (dc Talk’s “Say the Words,” which is 4 minutes and 41 seconds) to walk there.  And apparently that’s not long enough for me to work up a good sweat, so yay.  Luckily today is a little overcast and, dare I say, a little cooler than normal.  It’s only 90 today with a breeze.  The whole trip took me 17 minutes total.  Nice.

I’m now going to have to make this a thing when I work in the office.  I enjoy getting out and getting in a short walk during the workday.  It sure beats getting into my 150 degree car and driving 12 seconds to Subway.  And it gets me a little exercise (considering I didn’t work out again today, ugh!!).  Win win all around.  It’ll be even more win win when it’s cool outside and I can thoroughly enjoy being outside.  But that won’t be until like December.  For real.

Other random thoughts:
- I get my next Stitch Fix on Friday!  I cannot wait!!  
- Watched the season finale of The Last Ship last night - it got super creepy, and now it's not going to come back until next summer.  GRR!!  
- I have a four-day weekend coming up - yeeee!!!  

How about you … Are you able to walk to lunch?  Do you ever get some exercise during the workday?

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