Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  Another weekend, gone.  Bummer.

I got to the office today and the air conditioning doesn’t work.  There’s air circulation, but it’s not cooling.  That means it’s humid inside the building.  And sticky.  And it’s 93 degrees outside.  Oy.  I can feel my hair starting to frizz. 

Our weekend was a good one.  We didn’t do a whole lot, and that’s just fine with me.  Here’s the rundown…

Friday night we went out with Hubs’ parents for BBQ.  It was delicious. Jillian wasn’t down with BBQ so she gnawed on an apple. 

Saturday I woke up and decided to tackle the two remaining T25 workouts I had for the week, back to back.  I never do the “two workouts in one day” thing because frankly it sucks (there’s nothing like being elated to finish a workout only to have to start another one right after it, ugh), but I didn’t want to fall behind on the schedule and have to redo Week 1 of Beta, so I sucked it up and did it. 

Thankfully it was the two “easier” workouts for the week.  I don’t want to call anything in T25 “easy”, but it was abs (“Dynamic Core”) and arms (“Upper Focus”), so the fact that there wasn’t incessant jumping and running for 50 minutes was a good thing.  And ya know what, at the end, I felt like She-Ra and was so proud that I did two workouts.  So much that I’m thinking of doing it again this coming Saturday.  Watch out.

I started Week 2 of Beta this morning and found myself doing the Dynamic Core workout again.  Meh.  It’s good, but it’s only 12 minutes of cardio and then a whole lot of core work, which is very challenging yes, but I feel like I don’t get as great a workout when I don’t jump and sweat for 25 minutes.  I dunno.

Sorry, I digress, back to the weekend…

So Saturday was cleaning day.  Hubs and I drew up a weekly cleaning plan to adhere to, so we had our “chores” to do on Saturday morning.

And then we just chilled the rest of the day.  During Jillian’s nap I watched some Scandal, Hubs watched some man movie, I cleaned my closet, it was great.  Then Saturday night we had our fourth Disney Dining outing at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  More on that later, but I’ll give you a hint of how it was … OH, YUM! 

Sunday it was more chilling, organizing, errand running and that’s about it.  I like weekends like that where we don’t have many plans and just kind of do whatever. 

Don’t you feel enlightened now that I told you all of that?  I hope you’re weekend was great!  Happy Monday!

How about you … What did you do this weekend?  

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