Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Love Hotels

Today I attended a workshop for trainers on how to develop and design web based training. Enthralling, right? Actually it was pretty darn interesting, but I'm nerdy like that. 

The workshop is taking place at a hotel down near the attractions and I must say it's a really nice hotel. Unexpected! 

It has a huge convention center area and it's all very fancy. 

I love hotels. I'm not staying at this hotel, but spending the entire day at the hotel made me realize just how much I love hotels. (I said hotel a lot in that sentence) They always make me feel like I'm on vacation, and I love putzing around and getting they lay of the land - finding the pool, the gym, the little hotel gift shop - I act like I own the place (or at least like I'm staying there). And they always smell so darn clean. What is that smell? It's so clean! 

I have two more days of my workshop so I'm going to enjoy hanging at a nice hotel for the next couple of days and pretend like I'm on vacay! 

How about you ... Do you like hotels? 

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