Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Immobile.  That is the word of the week.  For many reasons. 

I am immobile.  No exercise again, because I have turned into a lazy lump.  Two weeks is now turning into three because life got a little crazy.  It’s no excuse to not take care of yourself, and I am internally beating myself up for it, but I know I will get back to it. 

Jillian is immobile.  We had a scare this weekend that landed us at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital (a place you never want to be).  Miss Jillian, who is on her feet, non-stop 24/7, woke up on Sunday and could not walk.  I noticed her limping around Sunday morning after breakfast, unable to hold her weight on her right side.  I first thought that she maybe slept on it wrong or something, but as a little time passed it seemed to get worse and eventually got to a point where she just sat herself on the couch and didn’t move.  I knew something was very wrong at this point because she never sits.  Ever.  Even when we tell her to.  After a call to the pediatrician, they advised we go to the hospital to get it checked out.  Four hours, some x-rays and bloodwork later the prognosis was transient synovitis – inflammation of the inner lining (synovium) of the hip joint.  It commonly (although not too common, I had never ever heard of this before) accompanies a mild cold in children.  And Jillian did have a runny nose all week, so it checks out.  It’s so strange and so random, but it’s also so heartbreaking to watch.  On Monday she tried and tried to walk, but would just crumple to the floor when she put weight on her right side.  Seriously heartbreaking when the night before she was running laps around the dining room table.  She’s been completely unbothered by any of it though, in super great spirits and was a total champ in the hospital. 

TV and iPad?  This place is great!
Today, she is much better, walking around (albeit still with a limp) and maneuvering much better.  Thank the Lord.

I'm good
During this ordeal, I went through periods where I was immobile with fear.  Fear that there was something really wrong with my little girl.  Fear that she might not walk again.  It’s terrible not knowing what is wrong with your child.

And because of this, I have decided not to travel this week for work (obviously I can’t leave her).  So I’m immobile in that respect and working from home for the week.  I may not wash my hair or wear make up until Friday. 

So now the goal is to become mobile.  To get back to exercise and to get my little girl back to running laps around the house.  I think that’s very possible.

How about you … Are there any aspects in life where you are immobile – afraid to move forward?  

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