Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Off" Week

Oy. It's been one of those weeks where it's been uber busy and I feel like I can't catch up. Monday was a holiday, Tuesday I was off, so I have been like two days behind all week.  Hence the whole no blogging thing lately. Hate that. 

So here's what's up over here...

- I don't even want to talk about the fact that I haven't done anything  exercise related now in two weeks. Two weeks. So lazy! And the next two weeks aren't looking promising either. Next week I travel (and you know my track record with working out while traveling) and the following week I have a workshop to go to in town, but I will have to leave my house before 7am each morning. Bahhh!  I will return to normal working out activities soon.  I must, because I sort of feel like crapola.

- I mentioned last week that I wanted to clean up my diet a bit … or a lot.  So this week I made a rule for myself and that rule was no fast food.  I'm kind of a fast foodie, so I have eliminated eating anything that comes out of a window or, more specifically, any fast food restaurant that serves fries.  Fries are my kryptonite, so this is a good rule.  The only "fast food" place that is allowed is Subway, because it's my favorite.  But I'm not allowed to get chips.  Chips are another one of my kryptonites.  I have a lot of those.

- In conjunction with the fast food rule, I wanted to make sure I ate some sort of veggie every day this week.  This is big for me considering I don't like anything green, or of the vegetable variety.  But I have kept up my end of the bargain on this one too.  Every day since Tuesday I have put a veggie in my body.  This is big for me.  And no, it wasn't all potatoes.

- Last weekend was the Disneyland Half Marathon and I read all of the recaps around the blog world and it just made me nostalgic for Disney races.  I feel so far removed from running lately that it was fun to kind of go back there.  And it totally made me want to pick up the running again.  Eek.  Cooler weather is on the horizon (well, maybe), so maybe I will make this dream a reality.  Plus, I do have the Princess 10K coming up in February, so I've gotta get on the horse sometime soon.  

- This weekend is Night of Joy at Disney and Rock the Universe at Universal Studios - two huge Christian music festivals that we've attended every year for the last three years.  This year, alas, we are not going.  Our favorite bands are at Universal this year (they alternate every year) and we weren't huge fans of Rock the Universe a couple of years ago, so we're sitting this one out.  But, we did find out that the Newsboys will be at the 2015 Strawberry Festival, so you know we'll be out there for that!  That's our jam - strawberry shortcake and good music?  We're there!  

From last year's Night of Joy
- I owe you a recap from our Disney dining last week at Whispering Canyon.  Here's a hint, it was great!  I will work on typing that up today because we are going to our next place tonight - Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.  Is it Polynesian Village Resort or Polynesian Resort?  Hubs and I had this debate the other night and I swear it's always been Polynesian Village.  

Anywho, have a fab Saturday!!  

How about you … How was your week?  Have you been "off" all week because of the holiday?  

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