Friday, September 12, 2014

Random Fact Friday

What a crazy week this has been. Working from home all week throws me off a bit. I'm back in the office today and feel like I haven't been here in a month. Anywho, ready for some randomness? It's Friday! 

So I know that Labor Day generally signals the end of summer but it just does not feel like Fall yet. Yeah, I know it's "technically" not Autumn until September 23rd, and it's not Fall-like weather in Orlando until December, but I'm not ready to get out Fall decor or do anything pumpkin related yet. I went to Target yesterday and they didn't even have the Halloween stuff out yet (mallow cremes pumpkins I'm waiting for you). Two more weeks, then I'm all in. 

I'm kind of itching to start working out again. Next week is going to suck because I have a workshop in town which means I have to leave my house at the crack of dawn most mornings, so morning workouts won't happen (and let's be honest, evening workouts won't either). So I am marking my calendar for September 22nd - the day of my triumphant return to exercise. I'm debating whether I finish what I started and close our T25 or if I just jump right over to InsaniT25. Decisions. 

I am itching to go to Disney this weekend. We haven't been to Magic Kingdom since May. MAY?!?!? I want to go and see the Fall decor there (they have already embraced Fall). Here's some fun pics from when we went to Epcot on Labor Day. 

France - Dad got one of those selfie stick things where you can hold your camera out like 5 feet and take a selfie. We were obviously still learning how to perfect it in this pic. 

Italy - In this one we didn't hold it out far enough to get Jillian in the shot. 

America - Ice cream break for the babe. That face! 

- I bought Meghan Trainor's EP, Title on Tuesday when it came out. It's amazing. She is super talented! Go buy it now, it's like five bucks. 

That's all folks! Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

How about you ... What are you up to this weekend? 

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