Monday, September 15, 2014

I Caved

So I caved ...

After I said I wasn't ready for Fall decor just yet, over the weekend I got out just a couple of Fall decorations because it is mid September after all. I won't go full out til October though. And I must comment on that candle - it is my favorite scent ever. It's Yankee Candle Fields and I found it at Homegoods two years in a row. It smells so so so good.  And I'm sad because I am running low on it and I went to Homegoods over the weekend to pick up another one and they didn't have it! I will just die if I can't find it again this year. I checked online, but I think it's one of those discontinued scents.  Argh.

To go with my Fall decor, I wanted to paint my nails an orangey "Fall" color. But after lining up all my polish (yes, my nail polish obsession is a sickness), I went with pink. I feel like I can only do pink a little while longer, then it's on to oranges and reds.

I have no idea why I own so much blue polish. I never wear blue.

Even though I'm not making my triumphant return to working out until next week, I read this article today and got a little inspired.  Two words: Squat challenge. I need this. 

Our weekend was a nice and relaxing one. On Saturday we went and walked around the Pop Century Resort and had dinner (review to come).  Jillian got to see gigantic characters.

Oh hey, Lady!

Sunday we watched three Spider-Man movies - the original one with at Tobey Maguire (I totally love that movie) and then the two most recent ones with Andrew Garfield. Both were so good. 

I'm in a training workshop for the rest of the week, so I don't know how often I will be able to check in.  Bummer.  So if I don't get to chat, have a super week and we'll catch up on Friday!

How about you ... How was your weekend?  Have you see the Spider-Man movies?

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