Friday, October 31, 2014

Random Fact Halloween Friday

Happy Halloween!!!  

Here's some randomness for you today ...

- It’s Halloween!!  Jillian is decked out in her Hello Kitty Halloween shirt by day.  By night she will be Minnie Mouse!  We are going to a Disney themed community Halloween party, so that should be super fun for her!   

- The other day I did something I never ever thought i would do ... I bought a Taylor Swift album. As you know, I am not a huge fan of Swifty at all, but I am sort of in love with the Shake It Off song.  So when her album came out on Tuesday, I was curious. 

Umm... it is adorably delicious. Every song is catchy and good and it's not at all country, which is good because I don't like country music. But seriously, it's not in any way country music, it's poppy dance music - what's up with that? Anyway, the whole album is really good. Most songs have a fun poppy dance beat and all songs are cryptically about past relationships that we all (sort of) know about. It's incredibly evident that girlfriend is not good at relationships, so it's all a little intriguing. Anyway, I'm super glad I downloaded this because I am loving in! 

- Last weekend Hubs and I saw Gone Girl.  Whoa. I didn't read the book because lots
of people said that the book was hard to get through because the characters were both terrible people and you never knew who to root for. I am so glad I didn't read the book because the movie would not have been as enthralling as it was. I had no clue that he story was going to turn in the directions it did. And the ending! Aah! You kind of felt like you had been punched in the face at the end.  It was crazy good.  It was one of those movies that sticks with you for a while after it's over.  That's always the sign of a good movie - when you're still thinking about it days later.  Anyway, the movie is highly recommended, but beware, it's quite a ride! 

- There hasn’t been any exercise this week – again.  BUT, I have a good excuse.  On Tuesday I had to have a little surgery.  OK, it wasn’t really “surgery,” but it required stitches, so I can call it surgery.  I had to have a mole cut off of my back because, after it was biopsied, it came back abnormal.  Nothing major, but just as a precaution they took it off – along with a chunk of my back.  So now I’m sporting some really ugly Frankenstein stitches and can’t move certain ways without it feeling like I am ripping my back open.  Awesome.  So, no strenuous movements until I get the stitches removed in two weeks.  Bah.  I’ve been walking every day, so that’s something, right? 

- Still doing My Fitness Pal.  Loving it.  I think that's a streak...  

Alright that's it.  Happy Halloween!!!!

How about you ... Are you a Taylor Swift fan?  Did you read or see Gone Girl?  Are you doing anything fun for Halloween?   

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend Hubs and I celebrated our five year weedding anniversary. Since it was a big one we decided to do something fun and go out of town. We toyed with going on another cruise like we did last year, but decided to do something different by going to the Disney Vero Beach Resort, which is a short two hour drive from home. 

Jillian had a vacation of her own by spending the weekend at Grandma and Papa's house (Hubs' parents).  We were looking forward to getting away and enjoying the resort and the perfect weather that was happening. 

We arrived in the early afternoon on Friday, checked in and walked around the resort. 

The resort is part of the Disney Vacation Club so the property is a mix of villas and condos and then the main building is where the hotel rooms are. That's where we stayed and we were pleasantly surprised at the size of the rooms and the amenities.

For the rest of Friday we got acquainted with the area and drove around the surrounding areas of Sebastian and Indian River. We found a movie theatre too so we made plans to go see a movie that evening since we never get to go to the movies anymore. 

There were two restaurants on property (that we could use our Tables in Wonderland at!) and we had reservations at the more casual restaurant, Shutters, on Friday night. 

The food was excellent - I had pot roast and Hubs had a half chicken - and we left extremely full, so unfortunately popcorn at the movies was out. Bummer. 

We made our way to the cheapest theater in the world in Indian River. It wasn't cheap, as in a crappy theater, it was a really nice AMC theater that had a Friday night adult ticket price of $5.87. What?!?! Movies in Orlando are like $12 in the evening. The kid told me the total was $11.74 and I was like "no I need two tickets." Crazy! Even crazier, I had a ten dollar credit from my rewards card, so two movie tickets to see Gone Girl cost us $1.74. Seriously, it was the highlight of my entire weekend. 

I'm gonna chat about Gone Girl tomorrow because I think it deserves its own conversation (holy cow). 

We returned to the resort after midnight (late night out for us old folks!) and slept well. Saturday morning we woke up and made our way down to breakfast, which just so happened to be a character breakfast!

Yes, we are dorks. 

The rest of the day was spent at the pool. It was so lovely just to sit, enjoy the weather, swim and read. I'm reading Jennifer Weiner's All Fall Down and it's super good. 

That night we celebrated our anniversary at the fancy restaurant on property, Sonya's.  

They gave us buttons that say Happy Anniversary - that's what Hubs is wearing
Sonya's had an intimate atmosphere and had delicious food.  We both opted for steak.  Me, the beef tenderloin and Hubs the NY Strip.  Yum.  And for dessert they brought us complimentary cake for our anniversary.  Nice.

All in all, we had a fantastic time at the Disney Vero Beach resort.  We left on Sunday afternoon and promised that we would be back again.  

It was a beautiful property, there was lots to do and we just had a nice time.  Next time we will definitely bring Jillian because she would love the pool and all of the fun Disney touches around the resort.

Great anniversary overall!  

How about you ... Have you ever visited the Disney Vero Beach Resort?  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Fitness Pal

In an effort to get myself back on some sort of healthy track I reactivated my My Fitness Pal app. 

I downloaded this popular app a little over a year ago when I was trying to lose the baby weight.  I think my interest in the app lasted about a day and a half before I stopped logging my food and abandoned the app altogether.  People swear by this app to help keep them on track and “honest” when it comes to the food they are eating, so I thought it might be good to bring it into my life again. 

I’ve been eating like crap lately and frankly I’m tired of it.  It’s so hard to change old, unhealthy habits.  But just the fact that I recognize that my eating is unhealthy and the fact that I want to change my ways, is a step in the right direction.  Right?  On Sunday night when we returned from our anniversary vacation (where I had indulged on… you name it!) I decided that Monday would be the day I started changing things and I instantly thought of starting a food journal.  I scrounged around for an empty spiral notebook and then thought, hey it’s 2014 you can do that on your phone.  So I did.

My Fitness Pal, for those unfamiliar (I’m pretty sure everyone on earth is familiar), is a food and fitness tracking app where you can enter the foods you eat throughout the day, and it tracks the calories, fat, protein, etc you consume all day.  And based on a profile you put together with your current weight, goal weight, etc, it gives you an allotment of calories you can eat in a day and then shows you how many calories you have left.  It’s pretty cool.  I’m not necessarily trying to lose weight, I really just wanted to log my food, but I must say, seeing the calories add up and seeing how many calories I have left at the end of a meal, kind of makes it like a game.

Game on Monday.  And no, I don’t normally eat that few calories in a day – I was totally detoxing from all of the crapola I ate all weekend.  Anywho…

I like this app because it makes me think about what I am putting in my mouth.  Several times yesterday I wanted to grab a handful of Goldfish crackers or a couple of mallowcreme pumpkins (because we are nearing the end of Halloween candy season - wah!), but then I thought, “hmm, I’d have to log that, and I don’t want to have to figure out how many I ate or waste the calories” so I didn’t eat them.  Winning. 

Again, my intention wasn’t to start counting calories this week at all, I really just wanted to write everything down and see where I needed to make some adjustments.  But My Fitness Pal is doing the work for me, so why not do this kind of food tracking to keep me honest? 

The app also tracks water consumption for you, so I’ve found that I am drinking a lot more water this week too.  Something I decided I need to be doing more of.  I think I have come to my breaking point with Diet Coke – I have to get off of it (again) – so integrating more and more water will hopefully make the transition easier when I am ready to pull the plug (wah).

Bottom line, I am feeling really good.  Not as full feeling and bloated as I was just after my weekend of indulgence, so that’s definitely a good thing. 

How about you … Do you use a food tracking app?  What about things like a Jawbone or Fit Bit?  I'm interested in those, but don't know much about them.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

What's Been Up

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I haven't had a spare moment to write and check in (and workout or do anything health related in any way shape or form), so I thought I would catch you up on what's been happening over here.  You know, if you were wondering ...

- I left off with a post about Jillian teething.  Oy, that seems like a long time ago.  Thankfully, she has been fine and hasn't had anymore giant teeth sprout since then.  She's even gotten a few smaller ones since then without any trouble.  Thank goodness.

- Right after our teething episode, Jillian learned how to climb out of her crib.  One morning around 6am she woke up and was crying.  I looked at the monitor, half asleep, and one minute she was there, the next minute she wasn't.  It was horrifying, but when I found her in the living room walking towards our room, so looked at me, said "HIII!" and then said "Bubbles!"  Um really?  She completely catapulted herself out, apparently landed on her feet, and kept right on going happy as a clam.  That's my kid.  It happened every night after that at varying times (we were prepared though, we surrounded her crib with all of the couch cushions in our house), so by the weekend she was fully converted to a toddler bed.  That's going OK, we're still working through that.

- Work was crazy busy last week.  I had a teammate in from California and we were working on a big project together.  It was time well spent, but a very weird week.  

- I'm on a mini-vacation now.  Well, more like a vacation from our mini-vacation.  Hubs and I went down to Disney's Vero Beach Resort over the weekend (more on that later) for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary.  

It was lots of fun.  To cap it off I took today and tomorrow off of work, so I'm chillin right now watching Frozen (no pun intended) for the first time.  (yes, really)

- I've decided that I need to make some big changes over here with my diet and exercise.  I've been off the wagon for too long (again!!) and I need to get back to where I need to be.  More on this later this week too.  

And now you're all caught up.  I promise to be better about the blogging this week. 

How about you ... What have you been up to lately?

Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Years

Happy anniversary to my best friend and best man!! Five years married, 12 years of happiness and fun!! 

We are on our way south to the beach for a relaxing weekend! Talk to you next week! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


It's been a little crazy around here lately so I haven't had time to drop by and say hello. And with a nutso week at work and a little mini vacation at the end of the week for our 5 year anniversary, I don't think I am going to have time to check in for a little while. So I will leave you with this beautiful photo from our trip to the pumpkin patch today... 

We dressed Jillian up in her Halloween costume (Minnie Mouse) and she conked out in a coma-like nap on the way there. She could not be woken in any way shape or form, so we made the best of it. 

Have a great week. I hope to be back to normal blogging next week!! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Teething Weekend

This past weekend was very different from last weekend's awesomeness. Jillian was cutting molars. If you have a kid, you know this is not fun. It's heartbreaking and stressful and just, bah! There is nothing you can do, and everyone has to go through it, but it's just terrible to see your kid so miserable. 

Jillian started running a small fever on Thursday night and refused to eat and just kept constantly chewing on her finger and crying. Friday she continued to run a fever and it was just all around bad. She'd be fine, and then she'd be crying, and then she'd be fine again and then not fine. Poor baby. And then the drool. OMG, so much drool.  She was soaked. Just so sad. She was up and down all night. Collectively I think Hubs and I got about 3 hours of sleep on Friday night. So I had to ix-nay my morning run on Saturday. Ah well. 

Saturday she seemed better, but we just laid low all day. 

Chillin with Betty Bear

We cancelled our Disney dining reservation and had to forfeit Sister Hazel. By Saturday night she was pretty much back to normal (outside of some crankiness) and slept all night on Saturday. Woohoo! 

Sunday we had our girl back and decided around evening time that we had cabin fever, so we took a jaunt out to Disney's All Star Movies resort to enjoy some scenery and put our Tables in Wonderland to work. Please, a weekend couldn't go by without us using that puppy. It was good to get out, and Jillian got to meet a Dalmatian puppy. 

Speaking of Disney, over the weekend I caught these amazing, beautiful videos that Janae shots when she took Brooke, her 2 yeaer old to Disneyland (see video 1 and video 2).  I cried during both of them because they are just so, so sweet.  I also decided that OneRepublic can do absolutely no wrong (their song "I Lived" is featured in video 2).  Every song they make is beautiful and amazing and I just love them.

The end.

How about you ... Any teething baby tips?  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Stitch Fix #5

On Thursday of last week I received my fifth little box of fun at my doorstep from Stitch Fix. 

Since my last fix was just eh, and I ended up sending everything back, I was a little weary about it. I told myself that if I didn't like anything in this fix I'd stop the service for a bit and pick it back up again later. 

When I opened my box I did a little jig because everything looked super awesome. Starting with this cute dress. 

I love dresses, but I never wear them. I envy gals who just wear dresses to run errands during a normal day but that's not me. I wear pants to work and shorts or capris every other time, not dresses. This one didn't fit. It fit my body but the top was weirdly big and baggy so I had to send this one back. Boo. I love the colors and the chevron. 

Next was this top which had promise. 

I love a good sleeveless top. But this one was too short. Second time that's happened with a Stitch Fix top. It fits well everywhere but it is just too weirdly short. Meh. 

Next was this top that you wear over stuff. 

Disregard my sweaty, no-make up look.  I had just gotten back from a walk.

I'm not a fan of these types of tops. They make me look bigger. Or at least I feel like they do. If I'm going to be wearing something over something else, it needs to be a cardigan or a jacket or something. Not a flimsy short sleeved top. That's just too many shirts being worn. Oh well. 

Three down two more items to go...

Next was a pair of boyfriend jeans. Why do they call them boyfriend jeans? They're cropped jeans. And I was worried about putting them on because trying on pants is always scary and stressful, especially  when someone is choosing the pants for you. 

These were AWESOME! They fit like a glove, they were comfy and I have been wanting to get another pair of denim capris, or "boyfriend jeans," for a while now. Love love love these. They are made by Kut From the Kloth and are called Kate Boyfriend Jean, if you're interested. 

Last was a bag. I might need to ask Stitch Fix to stop sending bags because I have no will power when it comes to good bags. And I need more purses like a hole in the head. But this one is so perfect. It's big, it can be worn on my shoulder or carried, the color is good. Just good all around. Bought! 

Although I only ended up with a pair of (much needed) jeans and (another) purse, I deem this fix a success because I really really like the two items I bought. So, score! I set up my next fix to arrive next month, the day before my birthday! Happy birthday to me!!

How about you ... Have you jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon yet? 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Random Fact Friday (10/10/14)

 It's Friday!! It's been a really weird week. I worked at home this week more than usual, so my days have been off. Everyday I've had to ask "what day is it?!" So I'm really glad it's Friday and I'm looking forward to a more normal week next week. 

It's Friday, which means here's some randomness for you...

- I ran my third run of week one of my Couch to 10K program yesterday and like the other runs, it was a good one! I'm really glad I have made the decision to do this because I so enjoy being outside in the morning air and feeling like I accomplished something good. On to week two tomorrow!


- I mentioned earlier this week that I have been striving to walk 10,000 steps a day. As you know I have struggled with this in the past, but I've been making a valiant effort this week to do so, and I've succeeded! The C210K has helped big time. 5,000 steps before 8am? Heck yeah! And the afternoon walks I've been taking with Jillian, since I've been at home this week, have helped me rack up the steps as well. Yesterday Jillian and I walked for 45 minutes (she was not in the mood to nap so we walked until she fell asleep), which equated to almost 3 miles and over 5,000 steps. Score! 

- I got my latest Stitch Fix yesterday and it was much better than last month's. So happy about that. I will be posting a full recap next week. (As if the blog world isn't filled enough with Stitch Fix reviews). Here's a sneak peek. (Yes another bag)

- That lovely weather we were having here earlier this week? Yeah, gone. It's back to the 90s and humidity for us with no cool down in sight for a while. Meh. 

- Going to see my beloved Sister Hazel this weekend at Food and Wine Festival. Can't wait, I have missed them so!!

That's all folks. Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Disney Dining Review: Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria at Epcot

This past Sunday we made a trip out to Epcot for another lunch reservation with our Tables in Wonderland membership.  This time to Italy where we enjoyed the Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria.

Via Napoli is a new(ish) restaurant in Italy that features authentic Neapolitan pizza.  It’s not at all like Pizza Hut.  The mozzarella is fresh, the crust is thin and it’s oh so good.  We knew what we wanted before we got there.  When we sat down Hubs was like “well maybe I’ll get pasta” and I was like “oh no you don’t, we’re eating PIZZA!’  And that is just what we did.  A large one.  With pepperoni.  Jillian liked it too. (but not as much as the crayons)

The inside of the restaurant is beautiful – very open with a plain view of the large brick oven pizza ovens, which are named for the active volcanoes in Italy.

The other neat thing about this restaurant is, everyone who works there is from Italy, so it’s all very authentic.

The pizza was great, the ambiance was great and we had the first reservation of the day, so the restaurant was empty when we got there.  Hooray for pizza!    

And then afterwards we got to meet Mickey, so it was just a good day all around.

How about you … Ever been to Via Napoli?  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Yesterday I didn't wake up until 8:38. Eek! I hadn't set an alarm because I was going to take a rest day because my ankle was bothering me (likely from all the theme park walking in bad shoes, and not my new running hobby) and I knew that Hubs would be getting up at 6:30 and Jillian would start chit chatting in her crib around 7:30 so I figured I would be okay. 

Nah. At 8:38 I woke up and looked at the clock and immediately thought "it's Saturday!" And I thought this for a good minute before I realized "holy cow I need to get up and get to work, it's only Tuesday!" Wow, was I off. Lucky for me it was a work from home day, but still. Where was my brain? Jillian was strangely silent all morning (either that or I was really tuning out the baby monitor) - normally she chats with all of her crib pals and all of the toys around her room. It's probably my favorite thing to do in the morning, just listening to her babble. So cute. 

Anyway, I was off my game all day. Its crazy how a wrench in your morning routine can throw your day into a tizzy. Ah well, I made it through the day without any turmoil so I'm good! I was back to normal operating routines today with a T25 workout (ankle's better) to start my day. Yay. Tomorrow it's back to the C210K plan. Can't wait for my third run of week one! 

Yesterday since I didn't work out I made sure to take Jillian on an extra long walk to get in some sort of exercise. We walked for 40 minutes and I managed to log over 10,000 steps for the fourth day in a row. Yes! I am trying really hard to get to 10,000 everyday. It's really hard, but theme parking helps. Both of our trips to Epcot over the weekend helped me out. On Saturday I logged over 20,000 steps (between my C210K workout, house work and Epcot), Sunday and Monday over 12,000 and today over 10,000. I'm on a roll! 

And that's all I've got for today. Tomorrow I'm gonna talk more about running. Woohoo! 

How about you ... Ever woken up super late for work? Do you use a pedometer to track your steps? How many steps do you take per day? 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Glorious Weather Happiness

It is a glorious Monday!  (have you ever heard me say that before?) 

I say this because the weather here in Florida finally got cooler, and it’s just delicious!  Highs in the upper 70s, lows in the 60s, I don’t think it’ll last long, but I am soaking up every second of it.  I have all of the doors and windows open in the house to celebrate.  Aaah!

Today’s glorious morning started with a  jog (!!) in the cool, almost cold (I know, I know) weather, so I’m also high on endorphins.  I’ll get into this more later.  And today follows an even more amazing weekend.  It’s just all kinds of happy up in here today.  So let’s talk about the fab weekend shall we?

Friday night was standard procedure – a home cooked dinner with Hubs’ parents and some relaxing on the couch with Miss Jillian. 

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and did my very first Couch to 10K workout.  Yes I did!!  I decided on Friday night that I really wanted to get that started, so I did.  I’m uber proud of myself.  The workout was low key – 30 minutes = 5 minute walking warm up, 20 minutes of walk/run intervals (1 min run, 90 second walk) and then a 5 minute walking cool down.  It was the perfect amount of running and walking for me to get myself back into this running thang.  I didn’t have any problems with the running and it just felt super good to be outside and doing it.  Yay!   Afterwards I did the T25 Upper Focus workout for some arm action. 

The rest of the morning was spent cleaning, organizing and decorating the house for Halloween.  After Jillian went down for her nap, I followed suit and took one myself while Hubs watched a man movie.  And when we all woke up, it was time to take a trip out to Epcot to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival. 


 It was so, amazingly crowded, but we did manage to get some good eats in Canada and Germany (me and my Riesling wine flight above – yum!) and we caught the tail end of the Starship concert.  Remember them?  OMG, I love love love the song “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” from the movie Mannequin (Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, one of my top 20 favorite films ever), so I was so stoked to catch that song!! 

It was a great night out and the weather was just perfect. 

Sunday we woke up early and got ready to go back to Epcot because we had a reservation at Via Napoli in Italy.  I’ll be doing my write up for Via Napoli later this week, but I will just say that it was delicious!! 

After lunch, we took a stroll around the world and while we were walking some people came up to us and said “Hey, Mickey is down there and there’s no line.”  At first we had no idea what they were talking about, but then we saw it – Mickey Mouse was tucked away down a long corridor taking pictures, unbeknownst to the mass public, so we jumped on it. 

Such fun!! 

After that we made our way home, Jillian took a nap and Hubs and I got caught up on Amazing Race, cleaned, did laundry, ran errands etc. 

Overall, it was a superb weekend! 

How about you … How was your weekend weather?  Have you see Mannequin?  

Friday, October 3, 2014

Random Fact Friday

Happy Friday!  It’s finally Friday.  I feel like this week went by slow.  That’s unusual, usually they fly by.

So it’s random fact Friday, so here’s the randomness I’ve got for you today…

- So after my running revelation the other day, I ran!  Well, sort of.  I ran for about 100 feet, but it was still running.  Jillian and I were out for an after lunch walk the other day and it was sunny when we left the house, but when we turned around to walk back home it the skies were so dark and menacing I was afraid we were going to get rained on.  Jillian was asleep in the stroller, so I picked up the pace by running a block or two.  It wasn’t horrible. 

- Also related to my running revelation, I went ahead and downloaded the “10K Runner” app to help get me from the couch to 10K in a mere 14 weeks (my race is about 20 weeks away). The app is really cool and uses the run/walk method to get you there.  And it only requires you to run/walk 3 times a week.  I can do this.  I’m thinking of going on a test run tomorrow morning, because I haven’t been feeling the T25 this week.  Meh.

- And more on the running topic…. This weekend is the Tower of Terror 10 Miler out at Disney.  I can’t believe it was a year ago that Michele and I ran that puppy.  I am a little sad that we’re not running again this year.  But then again, I’m not. 

 OK, now I’m done talking about it.  Moving on…

- These are evil.

I took this picture right before I stuffed them in my mouth.  I have eaten far too many of these this week.

- This weekend the weather is supposed to dip into the low 80s.  Holy moly!  I’m getting out my light weigh long sleeved tops for a trip to Disney on Sunday! 

Just kidding about the long sleeves, but the gorgeous weather is perfectly timed because Hubs, Jillian and I are heading to Epcot on Sunday afternoon for lunch at Via Napoli in Italy.  I’m so excited I won’t be a soaking wet sweaty mess when we sit down for a nice lunch.

That’s it.  Enjoy your weekend!!