Thursday, October 30, 2014

Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend Hubs and I celebrated our five year weedding anniversary. Since it was a big one we decided to do something fun and go out of town. We toyed with going on another cruise like we did last year, but decided to do something different by going to the Disney Vero Beach Resort, which is a short two hour drive from home. 

Jillian had a vacation of her own by spending the weekend at Grandma and Papa's house (Hubs' parents).  We were looking forward to getting away and enjoying the resort and the perfect weather that was happening. 

We arrived in the early afternoon on Friday, checked in and walked around the resort. 

The resort is part of the Disney Vacation Club so the property is a mix of villas and condos and then the main building is where the hotel rooms are. That's where we stayed and we were pleasantly surprised at the size of the rooms and the amenities.

For the rest of Friday we got acquainted with the area and drove around the surrounding areas of Sebastian and Indian River. We found a movie theatre too so we made plans to go see a movie that evening since we never get to go to the movies anymore. 

There were two restaurants on property (that we could use our Tables in Wonderland at!) and we had reservations at the more casual restaurant, Shutters, on Friday night. 

The food was excellent - I had pot roast and Hubs had a half chicken - and we left extremely full, so unfortunately popcorn at the movies was out. Bummer. 

We made our way to the cheapest theater in the world in Indian River. It wasn't cheap, as in a crappy theater, it was a really nice AMC theater that had a Friday night adult ticket price of $5.87. What?!?! Movies in Orlando are like $12 in the evening. The kid told me the total was $11.74 and I was like "no I need two tickets." Crazy! Even crazier, I had a ten dollar credit from my rewards card, so two movie tickets to see Gone Girl cost us $1.74. Seriously, it was the highlight of my entire weekend. 

I'm gonna chat about Gone Girl tomorrow because I think it deserves its own conversation (holy cow). 

We returned to the resort after midnight (late night out for us old folks!) and slept well. Saturday morning we woke up and made our way down to breakfast, which just so happened to be a character breakfast!

Yes, we are dorks. 

The rest of the day was spent at the pool. It was so lovely just to sit, enjoy the weather, swim and read. I'm reading Jennifer Weiner's All Fall Down and it's super good. 

That night we celebrated our anniversary at the fancy restaurant on property, Sonya's.  

They gave us buttons that say Happy Anniversary - that's what Hubs is wearing
Sonya's had an intimate atmosphere and had delicious food.  We both opted for steak.  Me, the beef tenderloin and Hubs the NY Strip.  Yum.  And for dessert they brought us complimentary cake for our anniversary.  Nice.

All in all, we had a fantastic time at the Disney Vero Beach resort.  We left on Sunday afternoon and promised that we would be back again.  

It was a beautiful property, there was lots to do and we just had a nice time.  Next time we will definitely bring Jillian because she would love the pool and all of the fun Disney touches around the resort.

Great anniversary overall!  

How about you ... Have you ever visited the Disney Vero Beach Resort?  

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