Monday, October 13, 2014

Stitch Fix #5

On Thursday of last week I received my fifth little box of fun at my doorstep from Stitch Fix. 

Since my last fix was just eh, and I ended up sending everything back, I was a little weary about it. I told myself that if I didn't like anything in this fix I'd stop the service for a bit and pick it back up again later. 

When I opened my box I did a little jig because everything looked super awesome. Starting with this cute dress. 

I love dresses, but I never wear them. I envy gals who just wear dresses to run errands during a normal day but that's not me. I wear pants to work and shorts or capris every other time, not dresses. This one didn't fit. It fit my body but the top was weirdly big and baggy so I had to send this one back. Boo. I love the colors and the chevron. 

Next was this top which had promise. 

I love a good sleeveless top. But this one was too short. Second time that's happened with a Stitch Fix top. It fits well everywhere but it is just too weirdly short. Meh. 

Next was this top that you wear over stuff. 

Disregard my sweaty, no-make up look.  I had just gotten back from a walk.

I'm not a fan of these types of tops. They make me look bigger. Or at least I feel like they do. If I'm going to be wearing something over something else, it needs to be a cardigan or a jacket or something. Not a flimsy short sleeved top. That's just too many shirts being worn. Oh well. 

Three down two more items to go...

Next was a pair of boyfriend jeans. Why do they call them boyfriend jeans? They're cropped jeans. And I was worried about putting them on because trying on pants is always scary and stressful, especially  when someone is choosing the pants for you. 

These were AWESOME! They fit like a glove, they were comfy and I have been wanting to get another pair of denim capris, or "boyfriend jeans," for a while now. Love love love these. They are made by Kut From the Kloth and are called Kate Boyfriend Jean, if you're interested. 

Last was a bag. I might need to ask Stitch Fix to stop sending bags because I have no will power when it comes to good bags. And I need more purses like a hole in the head. But this one is so perfect. It's big, it can be worn on my shoulder or carried, the color is good. Just good all around. Bought! 

Although I only ended up with a pair of (much needed) jeans and (another) purse, I deem this fix a success because I really really like the two items I bought. So, score! I set up my next fix to arrive next month, the day before my birthday! Happy birthday to me!!

How about you ... Have you jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon yet? 

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