Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Teething Weekend

This past weekend was very different from last weekend's awesomeness. Jillian was cutting molars. If you have a kid, you know this is not fun. It's heartbreaking and stressful and just, bah! There is nothing you can do, and everyone has to go through it, but it's just terrible to see your kid so miserable. 

Jillian started running a small fever on Thursday night and refused to eat and just kept constantly chewing on her finger and crying. Friday she continued to run a fever and it was just all around bad. She'd be fine, and then she'd be crying, and then she'd be fine again and then not fine. Poor baby. And then the drool. OMG, so much drool.  She was soaked. Just so sad. She was up and down all night. Collectively I think Hubs and I got about 3 hours of sleep on Friday night. So I had to ix-nay my morning run on Saturday. Ah well. 

Saturday she seemed better, but we just laid low all day. 

Chillin with Betty Bear

We cancelled our Disney dining reservation and had to forfeit Sister Hazel. By Saturday night she was pretty much back to normal (outside of some crankiness) and slept all night on Saturday. Woohoo! 

Sunday we had our girl back and decided around evening time that we had cabin fever, so we took a jaunt out to Disney's All Star Movies resort to enjoy some scenery and put our Tables in Wonderland to work. Please, a weekend couldn't go by without us using that puppy. It was good to get out, and Jillian got to meet a Dalmatian puppy. 

Speaking of Disney, over the weekend I caught these amazing, beautiful videos that Janae shots when she took Brooke, her 2 yeaer old to Disneyland (see video 1 and video 2).  I cried during both of them because they are just so, so sweet.  I also decided that OneRepublic can do absolutely no wrong (their song "I Lived" is featured in video 2).  Every song they make is beautiful and amazing and I just love them.

The end.

How about you ... Any teething baby tips?  

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  1. Teething baby tips: if you don't already have one, a teething ring does wonders, especially the ones that can be frozen. The cold feels good on the molars and she has something to chew On.
    Advil and Tylenol. If you aren't using it, you should.
    Frozen washcloth. If you are freaked out by what's in the teething rings, then a frozen wash cloth works just as well.