Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey Trot 5K

Well, I made it through the Turkey Trot 5K yesterday and didn’t keel over, so I consider that a minor victory. 

After one month - two months, some ungodly amount of time - off from working out I made a last minute decision to run a 5K with no training or prep work.  Eh, you know me, I don’t run races to win or best myself or anything like that, I just go for the thrill of being there and the satisfaction of just getting out of bed and doing something exercise-y. 

We were up and out of the house at 6:10am and it was cold.  47 degrees and the sun wasn’t out yet, so I was faced with the question of “do I wear my hoodie over my long sleeved tech tee or do I just suck it up and be cold for a little while until I get moving?”  I opted for the latter and shivered until the race started. 

We found a turkey to take our picture with ahead of time… 

(Sorry they're blurry)

 That was fun. 

And shortly thereafter we were off and running.  And yes, I was running.  My goal was to start the race running and then walk whenever I needed to.  So I ran about 3 feet and stopped.  Ha, kidding. 

There were 5,000 people running this race, so there were hundreds of people pushing me along and they kept me running for at least half a mile before I felt like my lungs were going to explode.  I wasn’t sure if it was from breathing the cold air in my Florida lungs or the fact that I haven’t used them in that capacity in so very long.  Either way I didn’t like it, so I walked for a while. 

I picked up the pace after the first mile marker and ran for a little bit and then walked again.  I kept this going throughout the race, running little spurts here and there and surprising myself at how much I actually ran, given I haven’t moved that fast in a long time.

At one point in the race an older lady ran up next to me and said “you’re a hard lady to catch up with!”  Um, me?  Really?  You obviously have me mistaken with someone fast.  Maybe she was pacing me?  If yes, I’m flattered, because I don’t know anyone who would pace me, besides a walker.  I smiled and nodded at her and then she smoked me and kept on going.  Guess she wasn’t pacing me. 

The race ended in the stadium of a local high school (my high school’s biggest rival) and I ran through the finish line to Britney’s “Work Bitch.”  Nice.  And that was it.  Dad crossed the finish line a minute and a half after me (he walked the whole thing if that tells you anything about my “running”) and he asked, “can we take a finish line selfie?”  Of course we can!

All in all, it was a great way to start our Thanksgiving morning.  We were home by 8:20 and then ate our weight in food the rest of the day because our metabolisms were revving from all that activity.  Haha. 

So now I’m looking for my next 5K to keep the momentum going.  Maybe I will tackle the Reindeer Run this year after all.

How about you ... Anyone participate in a Turkey Trot?  

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Dad and I made it through our Turkey Trot this morning!

Now it's time to eat!  Hope you have a fantastic Turkey Day!  (race recap coming soon!)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Disney Dining Review: It's Been a While!

I’ve dropped the ball a little bit on my Disney Dining Reviews, so here’s an update. 

1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Resort
During my birthday weekend we went to the character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare.

The place was absolutely packed, so we were socked in the back room that I think they only open up when they are filled to max capacity.  The room has no windows and no décor (the rest of the restaurant is really pretty and spacious), so it was kind of a bummer to be stuck in there.  And the characters didn’t make it back to us until the end of the meal, which I guess was good because you got the eating part out of the way, but it was a real tease for Jillian throughout the meal.  They’d get close to our little room and then they’d walk away.   

The breakfast is a buffet, so it’s all you care to eat.  Yay!  I feel like I didn’t eat nearly enough to quantify the exorbitant price tag of the meal, but that would also be impossible without exploding.  The spread was good though – fresh fruits, juices, eggs, meats, omelet station, crepes, French toast, pancakes, bananas foster syrup – yum, yum and yum.

Overall, it was a nice time, but I think it’s like a one and done kind of thing. 

Beaches and Crème at the Beach Club Resort
Another birthday weekend outing, because this is one of my favorite restaurants out at Disney.

Beaches and Cream is a tiny little 50’s diner that serves hamburgers and sandwiches and, most notably, ice cream in all varieties.  I’m a little perturbed about this place because it used to be an easy place to walk up to and get a table.  Now, they have made it strictly reservation only if you want a table (you can walk up and sit at the counter), which I think is dumb for a restaurant like this.  I mean, the restaurant is located right by the pool, so if anyone wants to walk up from the pool and get a burger, they can’t.  Dumb.  Anyway.

I love the food at Beaches and Cream because it’s greasy diner food and I like that kind of thing.  I had a $16 hamburger.  Another thing I’m perturbed about, when they made this a “reservation only” restaurant, they also changed the menu and the prices skyrocketed.  You used to be able to get a burger for like $9.  Annoying.  But whatever. 

I had the burger, Hubs, unfortunately for him, ordered a Chef Salad (who does that at a place like this?) and we both had ice cream for dessert.  I had a root beer float, Hubs had a Coke float and Jillian had a Mickey sundae (a scoop of ice cream dressed up to look like Mickey).  Fun all around! 

Coral Reef Restaurant at Epcot
The following weekend we had reservations at the Coral Reef restaurant which is located at The Seas attraction at Epcot. 

We had heard a lot of good things about this restaurant – the ambiance, the food, so we wanted to check it out.

When we looked at the menu, we realized that it’s not really a lunchtime place.  I mean, who wants to eat a NY Strip for lunch?  Not me really.  More of a dinner place, for sure.  I ordered a chicken dish which was very good.  And Hubs ordered a steak, which was also really good.  The star of the show though was Jillian’s shells and cheese.  She didn’t like it (she’s strictly a Kraft macaroni and cheese girl), so I ate it and it was by far the best thing of the day.  Ha, me and me 12 year old palate. 

The ambiance of this restaurant … I thought it would be better.  You’re dining amongst the aquariums in The Seas attraction.  But for some reason I was expecting there to be more aquariums and more viewing.  The dining room was three tiers, all tables facing the wall of aquarium at the front.  It was OK.  We were on the third tier, so we didn’t really pay too much attention to it.  I’m sure if we had been sitting in the first tier it would have been different.  Ho hum.

The service wasn’t very good.  Our server came to our table maybe four times total during the meal – once to take our order, once to bring our drinks, once to bring our check and once to bring back our check.  I sat with an empty water cup for most of the meal.  Not cool.  That’s such a huge pet peeve of mine.  My cup better have liquid in it at all times.  Haha. 

Aside from that, Coral Reef was fine.  Again, another one and done type of place.  Been there.  Check. 

Next up on the calendar – Hollywood and Vine character dining at Hollywood Studios this Sunday.  Can’t wait.  The characters at this place are all Disney Junior – Jillian’s favorite.  She’s gonna go nuts!

How about you Have you been to 1900 Park Fare, Beaches and Cream or Coral Reef restaurants?  What did you think?

New Room For Jillian

It is one of those days where I am just so not in the mood to work. 

Thanksgiving week is always so slow because lots of people take the week off, so there is a whole lot of nothing going on work-wise at the moment, which allows me to talk to you fine folks.  Or… talk to myself, since not many people read this.  Hee.  And it doesn’t help that today is my “Friday” since I am taking tomorrow off, and have a 5 day weekend ahead of me.  So yeah, motivation is out the window at the moment.

The weather report said there was a 100% chance of rain today.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the weather report say 100% chance of rain.  80%, 90%, yes.  And it is raining hard.  It actually is so dark it looks like night time outside.  It’s a good day to just curl up on the couch and watch TV.  Wish I was doing that now.  This rain is supposed to bring cold weather.  Good, because yesterday it was 86.  Not very Thanksgiving-y.

Over the weekend we had a major home renovation happen.  Yes, we got our carpet downstairs cleaned, which was a transformation in and of itself.  Man, it’s amazing how clean your house feels when your carpets are super-duper clean.  That wasn’t the major home renovation though.  We created a playroom for Jillian! 

Over the last almost 2 years, Jillian has pretty much taken over our house.  Every room had toys in it.  Our family room basically looked like a toy tornado went through it all the time.  You can kind of see the chaos that was our family in the background of this picture – so much stuff!

So we decided to convert our living room, which we used as an office (but never really used as an office), into a playroom for her.  We moved the books on the bookshelf up to shelves that she couldn’t reach (for now) and reserved the lower shelves for her stuff.  It’s safe to say that she loves it.  And the transformation came at a good time because we have lots of stuff coming our way for her for Christmas (oh, so much stuff), so now we’ll have place for it.  Whew!

And I must confess, it is so nice to have our family room and dining room back to looking like adults live in this house too.  So clean!  Not that the occasional rogue toy (or toys) doesn’t make its way into the family room at any given point in the day, but at least now it has home to go to when Jillian is done playing with it.

Next we will be tackling the upstairs.  We’re converting the current guest room into an office (which is currently in our loft area).  And then we’re making a “TV room” out of the loft (that’s what we’re calling it anyway, it’s really just a place to put the couch and ottoman that were downstairs – because I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be watching a ton of TV up there).  Lots of movement happening in this house!  It’s kind of exciting.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hope your Tuesday is better than mine – it is raining cats and dogs outside!!  EEK! 

How about you … What’s your weather like?  Do you have time off of work for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Running a Race on Thanksgiving With a New Fitbit

Yes, you read that right.  I, the person who hasn’t exercised in an eternity, the person who hasn’t run a race since February, the person who has become so lazy that she doesn’t even know if she can pick up her normal exercise routine ever again (OK, that’s a little dramatic), am now officially signed up for the Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot. 

I’m running the “Wingding,” which is a 5K, but they also have a 1 mile “Gobbler” and a 10K which is actually the official “Turkey Trot,” although the whole event – all races – is officially referred to as the Turkey Trot.  And then they also have a challenge type of thing where you run all three – the 1 miler, the 5K and the 10K – called the “Clearwater Challenge.”  This sounds super intriguing for some year in the future when I am actually in running shape to run 10.3 miles in one morning.  Hey, if there’s any morning to run 10.3 miles, it’s Thanksgiving morning.  Think of the calorie offset you’d have for the rest of the day!  I might have to set a goal for this… 

Truth be told, I have been kind of longing to run again.  I know, I know, I say this a lot and then nothing ever comes to fruition or sticks, but I am really hoping to get running (or walking, or run walking) into my life again and I’m hoping that this race on Thursday will spark that fire in me again.  Nothing like a race to get you motivated, right?  Right? 

Another thing to hopefully motivate me more … My new Fitbit.  Yeah. 

sorry it's upside down
After your comments the other day to my post about the believability of my Jawbone Up24 fitness tracker, I did some more research on the various Fitbit devices.  After scouring the internet for information on the accuracy of fitness trackers, I ran across this really good article that compares two wrist-worn devices (Fitbit Flex, Jawbone Up24) to one hip-worn device (Fitbit One).  The writer said that the wrist-worn devices were nowhere near as accurate as the hip-worn device when it came to step tracking because most wrist-worn devices log arm movements as steps.  (WHY?!)  It was a really interesting article and just confirmed for me what I already believed to be true – if I wanted something that was accurate, or at least was close to my current hip-worn pedometer, then I needed to get the Fitbit One.

So I did!  And yes, it is pretty darn close to my other pedometer.  Not perfect (what exactly is perfect, who knows), but within a couple hundred steps, which is way better than the Up24 which was always overstating steps by thousands.  So that horrible doubt I had before, not so much anymore.  And the cool thing is I can sync my Fitbit up to the Virgin Pulse program we have going on at my company, so I only have to wear the Fitbit and not the other pedometer.  Score!  Happiness all around.

Now, I just need to get this to motivate me to move more.  Between the race and my new toy, I think I might be able to get something going. 

How about you … Other opinions on Fitbits?  What was the last 5K you ran?  (I had to go back and look, mine was the Reindeer Run last December, eek!)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Randomness (November 21)

It’s Friday!  It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving, which means I’m in holiday mode already.  My mom and I talked about our Thanksgiving menu (she is having it at her house) and I have been craving homemade stuffing and corn soufflé all day!  I cannot wait!

So here’s some randomness!

- Thanks for the comments on fitness trackers.  It looks like Fitbit is where to be, so I will look into those.  Hubs keeps asking if I want to get a Fitbit now since he took my Jawbone back.  Still on the fence.  I need to do some research before I go there again.  Might be a good Black Friday or Cyber Monday buy? 

- We don’t have any plans this weekend outside of getting our carpets cleaned tomorrow morning.  I am giddy about this.  We haven’t had our carpets cleaned since we bought the carpet when moved into our house (4 years ago), so it’s high time we did it.  Especially with a cat and a baby in the house.  I cannot wait until I can roll around in the clean-ness!

- Is anyone watching the show Jane the Virgin on CW?  It is fantastic.  Fantastic.  It’s so clever and there are so many interweaving stories that it’s just so darn good.  And the girl who plays Jane, Gina Rodriguez, is just fabulous.  I love it, but no one I know is watching it, so I can’t chat about it.

- I walked to lunch today.  The weather is gorgeous – high of 73 – so I decided to walk over to Subway today to get lunch.  It took me less than one Taylor Swift song to get there.  Why did I ever drive over there?  It takes longer to drive than walk.  Just sayin.

- I haven’t worked out at all this week.  Again.  It’s been too cold.  That’s a horrendous excuse, but I’m going with it.  I’m actually toying with signing up for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and just forcing myself to be active next week.  That may be a shock to the system, but I gotta do something. 

- I have a general rule that I don’t listen to Christmas tunes until after Thanksgiving.  However, being that it’s been cold all week and we’re almost at Thanksgiving, I’ve been in the holiday spirit.  So I’ve allowed myself to listen to the Christmas station on XM, Pandora and the SomaFM Christmas Lounge (great free app with funky carols) this week.  It’s been lovely! 

OK, that’s all I’ve got over here.  Have a fabulous weekend!

How about you … Are you listening to Christmas carols already?  Anyone running on Thanksgiving Day?  Anyone watching Jane the Virgin?  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Opinion on Fitness Trackers

I have been meaning to write this post since my birthday, but it just hasn’t happened.  

So for my birthday Hubs bought me a Jawbone Up24 fitness tracker.  I had my eye on it and mentioned it to him a couple of times and he got it for me.  I was super excited about it because I was intrigued by the information it offered such as step tracking, sleep tracking, calories burned, all that.  I also figured it might be a good motivator to get me on the workout train again.

I chose the Jawbone because after reading about the Fitbit and all of the other trackers out there, I liked the look of the Jawbone Up24 and loved how easy it was to operate (it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and constantly updates your information through an app – so cool!).  I read all of the literature that went along with it, calibrated it and put it on my arm to start tracking.  

As you might remember, I wear a pedometer daily because my company participates in Virgin Healthmiles, which compensates users for the number of steps they take in the form reimbursement for gym membership fees.  I laugh at this because I pay $10 a month for a gym that I haven’t set foot in in over a year.  Ugh, don’t even get me started on how horribly sad that last sentence is.  But hey, at least I’m getting reimbursed for that money I’m totally wasting, so technically it’s free….right?  Anyway…  

Because I wear this pedometer, I have a pretty good idea of how many steps I take per day.  And it’s pretty sad on days I don’t work out.  Like in the 3,000 range.  Yes, sad.  

So the first full day that I wore my Up24 was the Saturday after my birthday.  I got up around 8:00, puttered around the house for a few hours cleaning and chasing Jillian around, and by 11:00 (a.m.) my Up24 said I had already logged 5,017 steps.  

Ummmm, no.  Pretty sure that’s not right. 

I wish I could be blissfully unaware and say “well, this device is really fancy and uses an advanced algorithm to calculate my steps and activity, so it must be right” … but I knew that it was so very wrong.  5,000 steps just walking around the house?  No.  So I continued to wear it to see just how off it was.  Over the course of the next few days I wore my company issued pedometer (which is a digital pedometer I wear on my hip) and my Jawbone, and the difference between the two was ridiculous.  Like, so so so off.  It wasn’t even like there was a couple hundred step difference, it was like a couple thousand step difference.  

What is the point of wearing a fitness tracking device that you know is wrong?  I’m sure it was overstating other things too like calorie burn and whatnot.  It just filled me with so much doubt on the accuracy of not just the Jawbone, but any fitness tracker.  I did a bunch internet research and inaccuracy is actually common across all of them.  But the information varies on both ends.  I saw a lot of forums saying that it understated steps and distance, some saying that it overstated it, and some that said it was spot on.  Well, what’s the answer?

Again, what is the point of wearing a fitness tracking device there is actually documentation out there that says it’s generally inaccurate?  Why would I even want to use it then?  

I did everything I could to re-calibrate and make it work for me, but alas it didn’t.  The information just seemed so wrong.  I’m bummed to say that I had to take it back and I am likely not to get another fitness tracking device because I just can’t believe the information it provides.  Again, I wish I could be blissfully unaware and say “woohoo I logged 17,000 steps today!” but if I know I didn’t log that many steps, then what is the point of having something that tells me I did.  Ya know?  

Anyway…  That’s my story.  

How about you … Has anyone else out there had an issue with fitness trackers?  I’m interested to hear!  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Falling Upstairs

I meant to write more last week, I really did.  Time is just getting away from me!  I have a bunch of stuff I want to talk about too, like my review of the Jawbone Up24 fitness tracker I got for my birthday, my latest Stitch Fix and the fact that I have not worked a muscle in like over a month and how mad I am at myself for it (again!). 

But instead of diving into all of that on a Monday morning, I thought I’d hit some bulletpoints on what’s been going on over here.

- I started my day great.  I fell up the stairs on the way in to work today.  Yes, I said fell up.  Love when I do that, it makes me feel very smart and coordinated.  I was walking in from the parking lot and there’s a set of maybe 7 steps leading up to the entry of the building.  I have one of those rolling computer bags (because my work laptop is gargantuan and weighs 30 lbs), so I have to lift it and carry it up the steps.  This morning, I must have missed a step because I tripped and fell to my knees, the bag went rolling down the steps, my lunch bag went flying and the strap on my new purse (the one I got from my last Stitch Fix) broke and the contents of my purse went flying.  OK, well, not all the contents of my purse, but some things fell out.  Thankfully no one was around.  Sheesh.  Happy Monday!

- After stewing in the elevator about my new purse breaking, I knew I had to figure out a way to fix it, because I love that bag.  I knew there had to be a piece down in the parking lot somewhere that had fallen off when I fell.  So I went back downstairs to retrace my steps. (Work can wait, I need to fix my bag!!)  Sure enough, I found the pieces, brought them back upstairs and put my purse back together.  Oh happy day!  I’m so proud of myself for my little DIY project.

- A storm is brewing here in Florida.  It’s grossly hot out today, but the clouds are rolling in and they are bringing a frigid couple of days starting tomorrow.  I can’t wait!  Highs in the 50s, lows in the 30s.  This makes me happy. 

- Our weekend was a good one.  Friday night we chilled out, Saturday we had a birthday party to go to in Tampa, so we spent a lot of time in the car, but we had a great time.  Jillian really enjoyed playing with a bunch of kids close to her age, so it was super fun to watch her run around and have fun.

They were playing Operation - love that game!
Sunday we had lunch reservations at the Coral Reef restaurant at Epcot, which I’ll be writing up later this week.  After that we did some shopping and Jillian picked out things for her Christmas list.

She wants the pink one. 

And now it’s Monday again.  It’s crazy how fast time flies! 

Goals for this week:  Start the workout train again, cook dinner at home at least three nights and take more walks.

How about you … What did you do this weekend?  What are your goals for the week?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Birthday Weekend

As you can tell from my food frenzy "What I Ate On My Birthday" post, I had a pretty good birthday. And the party didn't stop when Friday was over.  We celebrated all weekend, because that's how I do. 

Friday, as you know, we went to the character breakfast out at the Grand Floridian. 

 The buffet was at the restaurant 1900 Park Fare which offers both a breakfast and a dinner character dining. It was absolutely jammed so we had to wait a bit for our reservation, but there were ample photo opps while we waited. 

We thought that this character experience would have Mickey, Minnie and the regular gang, but it didn't. It was a random assortment of characters - Mary Poppins, Alice, the Mad Hatter. Pooh and Tigger. Later we realized they were all the British characters. 

Jillian had a blast meeting everyone but didn't really know who the face characters were. I felt bad for Mary Poppins, when she was at her table Jillian kept pointing at Pooh going "POOH!!" But they still got along well and had nice conversation. 

We left the breakfast and walked around the resort for a while. It was a gorgeous day and we rarely go to out to the fancy schmancy  Grand Floridian to walk around. 

We headed home to chill for a while and let Jillian nap. During this time I played around with my new Jawbone Up24 fitness tracker that Hubs got me for my birthday (more on this later), watched Scandal and just relaxed, because that night we had plans to go out and enjoy Food and Wine Festival. 

Friday evening we had plans to go and see David Cook in concert at Epcot.  My in-laws offered to watch Jillian so that we could go out by ourselves, so we took them up on it and dropped off Jillian around 5:30.  We had a great time!  I shared most of the pics from that night in my food post, so I will spare you the details.  Here’s a picture from the concert. 

And a picture of me with a co-worker of mine, who I happened to run into.  That doesn’t sound too crazy, running into a co-worker at Disney, but my co-worker was down with his family from Hartford so it was really crazy that we ran into each other.  I didn’t even know he was down here!  So crazy!

Anyway, great night all around.  We continued the birthday fun on Saturday with a lunch outing to one of our favorite restaurants out at Disney – Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club. 

And then Sunday night we celebrated with my parents.  The party just kept on going. 

And now my birthday is officially over (yay), now it’s on to the holidays!  EEEK! 

How about you … What did you do this weekend?  Any David Cook fans out there?  

Monday, November 10, 2014

What I Ate On My Birthday

A wise person (my aunt - hi Shari!) told me that birthday calories don't count.  I took this to heart on my birthday and decided to do a spin on the blog-popular "What I Ate Wednesday" posts and do a "What I Ate On My Birthday."  Warning - there is nothing of any nutritional value on this posting, and I don't feel bad about it at all.

Friday morning we set out for the Grand Floridian resort to attend the character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare.  Breakfast buffet?  Yes, please.

I started light with a fruit plate.  Not necessarily because I wanted to fill up on fruit, but because I wanted to get Jillian some fruit because she loves all of the fruit.  And hotels have the best fruit on the planet.  Am I right?  The fruit was fantastic, and that blueberry muffin there was to die for.  

The buffet included fresh guava juice.  Yummy.

Character breakfasts are very busy because there are characters coming up to your table all throughout the meal, so you're always on the lookout.  Because of this, this unfortunately was my only plate of food, and I totally mucked it up with all that syrup.  I am weird and hate when syrup touches my non-syrup foods, so the eggs and bacon were a complete loss. 

What I ate here:  looks gross but, french toast with bananas foster syrup, bread pudding, part of that pancake and that biscuit didn't get any syrup on it, so I ate that too.  Oh, and more strawberries because they were perfection.

It doesn't look like I ate a buffet worthy portion of food, but I was really stuffed when I left there.  

(More on the character buffet - and pics - later when i recap the birthday weekend!)

Around 3pm I got a little hungry while watching Thursday night's episode of Scandal (OMG it was the best episode everrrr), so I heated up a slice of pizza from the night before that we got for half off from Papa John's.  Half off Papa Johns?  Yes!  When the Orlando Magic win a game, you get half off your order.  How great is that?  

Didn't eat anything else until we went out that evening to Epcot for the last weekend of the Food and Wine Festival.  Jillian was hanging with Grandma and Papa, so mommy drank some wine.

Great American Wine Company Chardonnay.  I drank it up during the David Cook concert before I could take a picture.  

More wine, this time from Germany.  Madonna Spatlese.  It was so very good. 

China.  Hubs and I split the chicken potstickers and the Mongolian Beef in a steamed bun with chili mayo.  Ummm, my mind was blown when I took a bite of the Mongolian Beef bun. Amazing. 

Patagonia.  Our favorite stop on the tour around the world.  On the left, beef empanada.  On the right, our beloved grilled beef skewer with chimichurri sauce and boniato puree.  Yum.

Somewhere in between these two I had a Strongbow Cider in England and we caught up with some friends and started walking back the way we came, so I had to get another Mongolian Beef bun.  Hey, it was my birthday, don't judge.

All mine! 

And another Madonna Spatlese.  Just because.

We left the park around 9:30 and stopped at the Boardwalk Bakery on the way to our car, so that I could get something sweet.  I hadn't had any cake or sweets on my birthday (outside of the pool of syrup I ate for breakfast), so we got me a giant sugar cookie that I devoured in the car.

The most delicious sugar cookie on Disney property.

My birthday did not include any Diet Coke and did include a crap ton of water, so that was a win.  

All in all, I ate a lot of yummy goodness on my birthday and I'm proud of it.  

More on the birthday weekend coming later this week!  Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Getting Older

Tomorrow is my birthday!  Huzzah! 

I’ll be entering into my “late 30s” tomorrow and the number this year is kind of alarming to me.  Like when I say it I’m like “good God, how did that happen?”  I don’t feel my age though.  So I guess that’s a good thing.  A friend of mine told me today:

You are only as old as you feel – act young, you will be young.” 

I love this, and I’m going to live by it, because it’s one of those nice pearls of wisdom to take with you.

Now that Rod Stewart song is in my head ....  

And this quote fits in nicely with what we have planned for tomorrow.  I told Hubs that I wanted to take Jillian to a character breakfast on my birthday, so we are going to the Grand Floridian Resort for their super awesome character breakfast.   Breakfast with Mickey and Minnie?  Yep, acting young.  The character part of the breakfast is more for Jillian.  Me, I just love a breakfast buffet, so I am really looking forward to it.  Pictures forthcoming! 

Tomorrow night we are going to celebrate adult style by going out to Food and Wine Festival to see David Cook in concert.  David Cook is like my favorite Idol winner (next to Kelly), so I am super duper exciting about seeing him tomorrow night.  And the weather is supposed to get cool again, so happy birthday to me! 

Have a great weekend!

How about you … Do you act your age?  Do you feel old sometimes?