Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Food Journaling and Diet Coke Myths

So, last week I talked about the fact that I started to track my food on the My Fitness Pal app.  I’m so glad I started to do this. 

This salad eating pic still cracks me up.

For a while now I’ve been eating whatever, whenever, and I knew this would eventually catch up with me.  Last week, after our indulgent anniversary weekend trip, I got on the scale and saw a slight upswing in the numbers.  Nothing drastic, but enough to make me stop and think, OK, I need to be a little “better” this week, maybe mix in a vegetable, drink some water. 

Enter the food journal.  Writing down (or typing in) everything I ate made me so much more aware of what I was eating, and how much I was eating.  There were handfuls of this and a “couple pieces” of that that I would eat mindlessly throughout the day before, and now I don’t because I know I have to enter it into my app.  And I’m way too lazy to count how many goldfish crackers I’m eating so that I can accurately track it.  So it’s really helped me cut back on snacking and eating crazy stuff.  (weekend excluded, of course)

As a result, I’ve lost 3.4 lbs since I started tracking.  I got on the scale this morning and was like “say whaaat?!?!”  So what they say is true – cut your calories, lose weight.  Whatta concept! 

And that’s without working out too.  I know, I know… 

Another myth that I have proven in the last few days – that one about Diet Coke making you crave more sweets.  It’s true!!!  In the last month or two I have been nuts about candy.  I had been craving it like every day.  Since I quit Diet Coke last Thursday (6 days “sober”!!), my craving for sweets has gone way down.  I still need something sweet, but it’s not like it was.  Wow.  Who knew? 

Now, if I could just get back to exercising, I would be golden!  Aarghhh!

How about you … Have you ever used My Fitness Pal?  Did it work for you? 

PS – I am in no way affiliated with My Fitness Pal, they aren’t compensating me for anything (darn it), I just happen to like the app and have found success with it, so I thought I’d share my opinions.  That's all.

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