Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Randomness (November 21)

It’s Friday!  It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving, which means I’m in holiday mode already.  My mom and I talked about our Thanksgiving menu (she is having it at her house) and I have been craving homemade stuffing and corn soufflé all day!  I cannot wait!

So here’s some randomness!

- Thanks for the comments on fitness trackers.  It looks like Fitbit is where to be, so I will look into those.  Hubs keeps asking if I want to get a Fitbit now since he took my Jawbone back.  Still on the fence.  I need to do some research before I go there again.  Might be a good Black Friday or Cyber Monday buy? 

- We don’t have any plans this weekend outside of getting our carpets cleaned tomorrow morning.  I am giddy about this.  We haven’t had our carpets cleaned since we bought the carpet when moved into our house (4 years ago), so it’s high time we did it.  Especially with a cat and a baby in the house.  I cannot wait until I can roll around in the clean-ness!

- Is anyone watching the show Jane the Virgin on CW?  It is fantastic.  Fantastic.  It’s so clever and there are so many interweaving stories that it’s just so darn good.  And the girl who plays Jane, Gina Rodriguez, is just fabulous.  I love it, but no one I know is watching it, so I can’t chat about it.

- I walked to lunch today.  The weather is gorgeous – high of 73 – so I decided to walk over to Subway today to get lunch.  It took me less than one Taylor Swift song to get there.  Why did I ever drive over there?  It takes longer to drive than walk.  Just sayin.

- I haven’t worked out at all this week.  Again.  It’s been too cold.  That’s a horrendous excuse, but I’m going with it.  I’m actually toying with signing up for the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and just forcing myself to be active next week.  That may be a shock to the system, but I gotta do something. 

- I have a general rule that I don’t listen to Christmas tunes until after Thanksgiving.  However, being that it’s been cold all week and we’re almost at Thanksgiving, I’ve been in the holiday spirit.  So I’ve allowed myself to listen to the Christmas station on XM, Pandora and the SomaFM Christmas Lounge (great free app with funky carols) this week.  It’s been lovely! 

OK, that’s all I’ve got over here.  Have a fabulous weekend!

How about you … Are you listening to Christmas carols already?  Anyone running on Thanksgiving Day?  Anyone watching Jane the Virgin?  

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  1. Listening to Christmas carols already. Kids are singing at the local theater's production Christmas Magic. It's an all Christmas show with singing, scenes from old Christmas movies, etc.
    No running on Thanksgiving, but will do some kind of a work out before watching football.
    I don't watch Jane the Virgin. I've heard of it, but have never seen it.