Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Room For Jillian

It is one of those days where I am just so not in the mood to work. 

Thanksgiving week is always so slow because lots of people take the week off, so there is a whole lot of nothing going on work-wise at the moment, which allows me to talk to you fine folks.  Or… talk to myself, since not many people read this.  Hee.  And it doesn’t help that today is my “Friday” since I am taking tomorrow off, and have a 5 day weekend ahead of me.  So yeah, motivation is out the window at the moment.

The weather report said there was a 100% chance of rain today.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen the weather report say 100% chance of rain.  80%, 90%, yes.  And it is raining hard.  It actually is so dark it looks like night time outside.  It’s a good day to just curl up on the couch and watch TV.  Wish I was doing that now.  This rain is supposed to bring cold weather.  Good, because yesterday it was 86.  Not very Thanksgiving-y.

Over the weekend we had a major home renovation happen.  Yes, we got our carpet downstairs cleaned, which was a transformation in and of itself.  Man, it’s amazing how clean your house feels when your carpets are super-duper clean.  That wasn’t the major home renovation though.  We created a playroom for Jillian! 

Over the last almost 2 years, Jillian has pretty much taken over our house.  Every room had toys in it.  Our family room basically looked like a toy tornado went through it all the time.  You can kind of see the chaos that was our family in the background of this picture – so much stuff!

So we decided to convert our living room, which we used as an office (but never really used as an office), into a playroom for her.  We moved the books on the bookshelf up to shelves that she couldn’t reach (for now) and reserved the lower shelves for her stuff.  It’s safe to say that she loves it.  And the transformation came at a good time because we have lots of stuff coming our way for her for Christmas (oh, so much stuff), so now we’ll have place for it.  Whew!

And I must confess, it is so nice to have our family room and dining room back to looking like adults live in this house too.  So clean!  Not that the occasional rogue toy (or toys) doesn’t make its way into the family room at any given point in the day, but at least now it has home to go to when Jillian is done playing with it.

Next we will be tackling the upstairs.  We’re converting the current guest room into an office (which is currently in our loft area).  And then we’re making a “TV room” out of the loft (that’s what we’re calling it anyway, it’s really just a place to put the couch and ottoman that were downstairs – because I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be watching a ton of TV up there).  Lots of movement happening in this house!  It’s kind of exciting.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hope your Tuesday is better than mine – it is raining cats and dogs outside!!  EEK! 

How about you … What’s your weather like?  Do you have time off of work for the Thanksgiving holiday?

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