Monday, November 10, 2014

What I Ate On My Birthday

A wise person (my aunt - hi Shari!) told me that birthday calories don't count.  I took this to heart on my birthday and decided to do a spin on the blog-popular "What I Ate Wednesday" posts and do a "What I Ate On My Birthday."  Warning - there is nothing of any nutritional value on this posting, and I don't feel bad about it at all.

Friday morning we set out for the Grand Floridian resort to attend the character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare.  Breakfast buffet?  Yes, please.

I started light with a fruit plate.  Not necessarily because I wanted to fill up on fruit, but because I wanted to get Jillian some fruit because she loves all of the fruit.  And hotels have the best fruit on the planet.  Am I right?  The fruit was fantastic, and that blueberry muffin there was to die for.  

The buffet included fresh guava juice.  Yummy.

Character breakfasts are very busy because there are characters coming up to your table all throughout the meal, so you're always on the lookout.  Because of this, this unfortunately was my only plate of food, and I totally mucked it up with all that syrup.  I am weird and hate when syrup touches my non-syrup foods, so the eggs and bacon were a complete loss. 

What I ate here:  looks gross but, french toast with bananas foster syrup, bread pudding, part of that pancake and that biscuit didn't get any syrup on it, so I ate that too.  Oh, and more strawberries because they were perfection.

It doesn't look like I ate a buffet worthy portion of food, but I was really stuffed when I left there.  

(More on the character buffet - and pics - later when i recap the birthday weekend!)

Around 3pm I got a little hungry while watching Thursday night's episode of Scandal (OMG it was the best episode everrrr), so I heated up a slice of pizza from the night before that we got for half off from Papa John's.  Half off Papa Johns?  Yes!  When the Orlando Magic win a game, you get half off your order.  How great is that?  

Didn't eat anything else until we went out that evening to Epcot for the last weekend of the Food and Wine Festival.  Jillian was hanging with Grandma and Papa, so mommy drank some wine.

Great American Wine Company Chardonnay.  I drank it up during the David Cook concert before I could take a picture.  

More wine, this time from Germany.  Madonna Spatlese.  It was so very good. 

China.  Hubs and I split the chicken potstickers and the Mongolian Beef in a steamed bun with chili mayo.  Ummm, my mind was blown when I took a bite of the Mongolian Beef bun. Amazing. 

Patagonia.  Our favorite stop on the tour around the world.  On the left, beef empanada.  On the right, our beloved grilled beef skewer with chimichurri sauce and boniato puree.  Yum.

Somewhere in between these two I had a Strongbow Cider in England and we caught up with some friends and started walking back the way we came, so I had to get another Mongolian Beef bun.  Hey, it was my birthday, don't judge.

All mine! 

And another Madonna Spatlese.  Just because.

We left the park around 9:30 and stopped at the Boardwalk Bakery on the way to our car, so that I could get something sweet.  I hadn't had any cake or sweets on my birthday (outside of the pool of syrup I ate for breakfast), so we got me a giant sugar cookie that I devoured in the car.

The most delicious sugar cookie on Disney property.

My birthday did not include any Diet Coke and did include a crap ton of water, so that was a win.  

All in all, I ate a lot of yummy goodness on my birthday and I'm proud of it.  

More on the birthday weekend coming later this week!  Hope you had a great weekend!

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