Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Over the Hump

Hello!  I have gotten over the hump of the holidays and my first day back at work in a week and a half – whee! 

I was off of work for what feels like a really long time, and I was starting to get antsy and ready to get back to my normal routine again.  I know this sounds ridiculous (“You were actually looking forward to getting back at work?”  Yes, yes I was), but I’m one of those people who needs structure and routine in her life.  Sure it was GREAT being off, spending time at home with Jillian and just doing a whole lot of nothing, but being back is great too. 

The next couple of weeks are going to be weird and anything but “normal routine” around here.  This week is weird because of New Year’s.  Having a Thursday off and then having to go back to work on Friday is just strange.  Why do they not just give us Friday too?  Next week I’m in Connecticut all week.  Freezing cold Connecticut.  The highs next week are going to be in the 20s.  It’s 80 here today.  I’m in a for a rude awakening.  And then that weekend/following week is Jillian’s birthday extravaganza, so we’re having a party and family in from Chicago and the whole nine yards.  There is so, so much to do, but so much fun on the horizon!!

Yes, the theme of Jillian's party is It's a Small World.  Can you even stand it!?  Etsy rules! 

My InsaniT25 stalled out a little last week.  I did two days during Christmas week and that was it.  I feel a little bit bad, because I’ve been eating cookies like a fiend, but I know I’ll get back on track.  I got back into it today with a T25 workout (Alpha Cardio) and it felt goooood.  I’ve decided to pitch the InsaniT25 schedule out the window for now and focus on the T25.  I realized that I really dreaded the Insanity workouts and they are so long (in comparison to the 25 minute T25 ones), so I’m going to continue doing the T25 workouts.  I also need to start pounding the pavement.  The Disney Princess 10K is a mere 52 days away.  WHAT?!?!?  Better get on that Couch to 10K real quick, huh? 

2015 is almost upon us (?!?!?!), so it’s time to come up with some good “To Do’s” for 2015.  I have a short list in my head, but I haven’t committed to anything yet.  Once I secure those, I’ll be sure to post them for posterity.

OK, that’s all I have for now.  Hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

How about you … If you were off of work for the holidays, did you go back this week?  Plans for New Year’s Eve?

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