Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hellooo!  It’s Monday again.  How did that happen? 

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to check in last Friday.  I had a big presentation to give on Friday afternoon, so I spent most of the day fretting over it, which equates to no time for blogging fun. 

So here’s what’s been going on over here…

- I logged five days of InsaniT25 last week!  Woohoo!  I went from 0 to 60 on the workout scale in a relatively short amount of time, which I am super proud of myself for.  One thing I have noticed about myself, once I make up my mind to get back on the workout wagon I boot camp my ass to get me back into it quickly.  No easing into it here.  Not sure if that is good or bad.  As a result, I was sore everywhere for a majority of last week, so I took a much needed breather on Friday and picked things back up on Saturday.  Started today off on the right foot as well with the T25 Core Cardio video.  It was excellent.  I'm back baby!!!

- Over the weekend we did all of the obligatory Christmas stuff – Christmas cards, Christmas lights, Christmas shopping (we did our decorating inside the house last week).  Lots of fun and lots of things checked off the large list of things to do.  Love that feeling. 

Here's our Christmas card, if you're curious... 

- Sunday we spent the day at Magic Kingdom.  We had reservations at Crystal Palace for the character dining.  We had a blast.

- After that we had to go on It’s a Small World for Jillian, because that is all she talks about whenever we set foot inside Magic Kingdom.  “Smaw Waw!”  And then she sings the song.  It’s so darn cute! 

And that was it.  It was a nice weekend!

Gotta jam, I have so much to do.  Aah!  Happy Monday!

How about you … Good weekend?  What did you do?  Is it cold where you are?  

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