Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Randomness

Hello! It's FRIDAY! Yay!

Time for some randomness. 

- Feel good story of the day: Hubs' cousin passed away unexpectedly last weekend (she was our age!) and her kids, who are 20 and 21, set up a Go Fund Me site to help pay for funeral costs. Their goal was $4,300. On Wednesday night they put the site on Facebook. Hubs forwarded it around, as did some other family members, and on Wednesday night they had raised about $500. Not bad. By morning they had $4400!!! Some anonymous donor donated $3700. Isn't that amazing? Even more amazing - today they are over $12,000!!!!  That is the power of social media at work!!  Wow wow wow!  It makes me cry a little bit.

- Lets talk about my bum! Haha! As you know I have been doing a workout series called The Perfect Bum, which is a Pilates based workout for the core and bum (and legs, really), and I absolutely love it. It's a 10 week series that consists of six episodes. I've been on episode 2 for the last two weeks and just started episode 3 this week. Egads! It went from a "this is nice" workout to an "omigod make it stop" workout. And all it is is minimal Pilates based movements for your bum. So slight, but so effective. I really think it's working. 

- I have deemed this weekend “Clean Out Stuff Weekend.”  There is so much stuff I need to clean out in our house, it’s not even funny.   Things like bathroom drawers, junk drawers, cabinets, Jillian’s closet, etc – it’s time to purge and organize.  I always open cabinets and drawers and I’m like “argh, I need to clean this out!”  but yet it always gets pushed to the bottom of the To Do list.  This weekend it’s getting done!  And I’m oddly excited about it.

- This weekend I am also planning on reading my book.  I am reading a really good book right now, “The Borrower” by Rebecca Makkai and I am loving it, but I haven’t actually read since my trip to Connecticut earlier this month (that trip seems like 3 months ago – is it still January?).  That is no bueno!  So me and my Nook will be spending some quality time together as well (after all of the cleaning and organizing). 

- I, like many, am beyond obsessed with Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” song.  Ya know how when a song blows up and it’s on every 4 minutes on the radio you get kind of sick of that song and eventually begin to hate it?  That’s not happening with this song.  I LOVE THIS SONG.  I literally listen to it on repeat on my iPod because I like to belt it out in the car.  It’s just so good.  And hey, did you know that Taylor Swift trademarked some lyrics from her 1989 album?  She did!  Here’s the article that lists out the ones she trademarked.  Why, oh why, did she not trademark “Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream.”  That’s the best line ever. 

- I ate Skittles yesterday for the first time in years. So yummy! 

And that's it for me!  Have a fabulous Friday and a super Super Bowl weekend!  You know I'll be making multiple dips!

How about you ... Do you like "Blank Space"?  What are you reading right now?  What goodies are you making for Super Bowl? 

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