Monday, January 5, 2015


Hello from frigid Connecticut where the temperature is currently 25.  Yes, that is almost 55 degrees colder than it was yesterday in Florida.  Craziness.  

On my way here I found out what is worse than a screaming baby on a plane ... a yappy, barking dog stowed under the seat.  Usually when I fly and there is a dog in a carrier on the plane, I don't even know it's there.  But on my flight up here, there was a dog in the row in front of me (I scored the exit row, ooh yeah) and it would not stop barking/yapping the entire time.  Thank goodness for headphones, but still.  

And just for the record, screaming babies on planes do not bother me.  I always feel for the moms because I know how helpless you can be during a baby meltdown.  Again, that's what iPods and headphones are for.  

When I got to the hotel I threw my bags in my room and immediately headed out for a walk to a local deli to pick up some dinner.  My team isn't in town yet, so it was just me for dinner, so I opted to walk in the frigid, windy city to grab a sandwich and some water for my room.  It felt great to be out in the cold, but my face was frozen by the end of the walk.  Yikes.  Tomorrow it's supposed to snow (!!) and then Wednesday overnight it's supposed to get down to negative 2.  Yes, negative.  There's just something wrong with that.

On the workout front, over the weekend I did a mixture of T25 and the Perfect Bum series.  And then this morning I did day three of Perfect Bum.  I am really liking it.  It's subtle, Pilates movements, so there's not a lot sweating involved, but by the end of the countless repetitions, you really start to feel it in your core and your bum.  It's nice!  

The program is comprised of 6 "episodes" - episode 1 is week 1, episode 2 is weeks 2 and 3, episode 3 is week 4 and so on, each week increasing in intensity and difficulty.  Week 1 is really how to stretch and hold your body and incorporates a lot of basic Pilates moves.  You are supposed to do each episode every day for a week.  I'm liking it so far.  I've really been wanting to bring some Pilates back in my life!  This will be my only workout this week, because you know my track record for working out while traveling.  Ha.  

OK, I'm going to go and try to figure out what's going on with my heat.  My room seems to be freezing and not heating up, and that's not okay when it is 25 degrees out.  Ugh.  

How about you ... What's the weather like where you are?  Have you done Pilates before?  

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