Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Freezing Week

Hello from frigid Connecticut! I took a screen shot of my weather app this morning for kicks...

Yep, that happened. It was COLD when I went to work this morning. A balmy 1 degree. Wow. It's times like these that make me glad I don't live in the north. 

What the locals wear...

While I was there, I happened to get a room with a semi working heater. It was warm-ish in my room when I got there, so I pumped the thermostat to 75 on Monday night. It never got to 75 in the three nights I was there! The highest it got was 70, and then last night dipped to 66 and stayed there. Aah!! Needless to say I slept under three layers of blankets last night. 

I am at the airport now, excited to go home to Florida, where it is a brisk 50-ish degrees. Normally I would call this frigid, but I'm looking forward to the heatwave.  

Despite the weather it's been a good trip. Haven't traveled in a bit, so it was good to see my work peeps. Excited to be going home because I have birthday party fun to do!! I'm off tomorrow to put the finishing touches on birthday stuff, clean the house, shop for food, etc etc. Lots to do before Sunday for this little muffin! 

I got one "Perfect Bum" workout in on Wednesday. Not bad, but not great. That's one more than I thought I would get in, so that's good I guess. I still like it a lot! I'm going to move on to episode 2 on Monday. Fun. 

Just found out my flight is delayed half an hour. Not horrible, but I got here almost three hours early because my travel buddy Beth (the one who talks a lot) had a flight an hour before mine. Fun at the airport!! 

Alright, I'm gonna go take a lap or two around the concourse. This airport is so tiny that it should take me about five minutes. 

How about you ... Is it frigid where you are? 

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