Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Latest Stitch Fix

So I took a brief hiatus from Stitch Fix after receiving just a so-so one from them back at the beginning of November.

When my box showed up on Friday, I was super excited to dive in and see what I got.  

The first thing I tried on was this leopard print top.  It was just okay.  I like leopard, but it was a really plain top with an equally plain neckline.  Eh.  Pass.

Next was a promising looking sleeveless striped top.  It fit really well, but it wasn't sleeveless, it was cap sleeves.  

Ugh!  I despise cap sleeves.  So very much.  They hit you at a strange place that makes your arms look heavy.  Ick no.  Pass.

Please ignore my scary old lady looking hand holding my giant phone

Next was a really cute looking dress.  But when I put it on I felt like I was part of the Mod Squad.  It was just a plain, straight, boring and reminiscent of the 70s.  No no no.

Then I put on these jeans, and the angels sang.  

I am always worry about trying on pants that Stitch Fix sends because pants are hard to fit.  But these were perfect and more of a straight leg style (all my jeans are boot cut).  They are Kut From the Kloth brand, and I am convinced that this brand is made for my body.  I have another pair of boyfriend jeans from them from a previous fix that I love.  So I had to get these.  They were a little on the expensive side for jeans - $78 - but take off the $20 styling fee and then they're a little more doable.  And they fit!  And they're a lighter denim color than I have in my closet, which is nice.  Score!

The last thing in my fix was a necklace that wasn't worth taking a picture of.  Pass. 

All in all, I wasn't crazy about this fix, but I got a good pair of jeans out of it, so I can't deem it a complete loss.  I left a bunch of comments for my stylist (NO CAP SLEEVES!  INTERESTING NECKLINES!) so hopefully my next one will be better.

How about you ... Do you Stitch Fix?

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  1. I liked the leopard print shirt. The stripe shirt and the dress - no way. I haven't done stitch fix in awhile. My last one was great. I kept a great summer dress, blazer, jeans and shirt. I need to schedule another one.