Monday, January 19, 2015

My New Year Start

Hi there!  Happy Monday!  

Today is my official start to the New Year.  Huh, you say?  You know how on January 1st everyone "starts over" and starts being good and all that?  Yeah, I missed that boat.  

Between traveling to Connecticut the first week of January and then all of Jillian's festivities last week, I feel like I haven't yet been able to get myself in order the way I want to in 2015.  So today I'm starting.

I've gotten off track a bit in a few places:  

Exercise hasn't been happening a whole lot outside of my Perfect Bum workouts each morning (yes, still doing that, and I really like it!).  I have a 10K coming up and I have run exactly zero times in the last month or so.  So I need to kind of get on that.  So cardio has started back up in my life today, in the form of T25.  I'm going to create some sort of hybrid T25 and running schedule for myself.  Yes I am.

I gave up Diet Coke (again) back in November cold turkey and did great with it.  And then the holidays rolled around and I would allow myself one here and there.  I wasn't happy about it, and today I'm still only doing one here and there, but I don't want to, so today, no more.

I need to get back to entering my food/water/workouts into the My Fitness Pal app.  I was doing really well when I was being held accountable for what I put in my body.  So today, that starts up again.  Also, cooking is making a comeback in my house.  We have been eating out or eating crap for too long now.  I'm ready to cook some good meals again.  

So yeah, today is a new day and I'm ready for it!  Here we go.  Happy New Year to me!  

How about you ... How do you stay on track with food and fitness?  


  1. I am also using MFP and so far it's really helping me be aware and accountable. Love it!

  2. I use MFP and have for around 5 years now!
    And you've given up DCoke a few times, right?
    I didn't give it up, but I cut back to 1-2 per week as a treat...and now I have relapsed and having 1 a day sometimes. Oh well.....won't kill me and I know I'll get back to having it less often.