Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On a Roll

Hey there!

So far so good.  My restart on the New Year has been going excellent.  I haven’t had any problems getting up and getting in a workout in the mornings, I’ve been entering in all my stuff in My Fitness Pal and we’ve eaten at home every night this week … granted, it’s only Wednesday.  So I would call that a success of sorts.  Yes?

I’ve been focusing on three things in my workouts. 

1)  Cardio.  In the form of T25.  T25 is a no brainer.  It’s 25 minutes of running, kicking, jumping that gets my heart rate up way high, integrates strength exercises into the mix and did I mention it’s only 25 minutes.  That’s the best part. 

2)  My bum.  In the form of “The Perfect Bum” series that I found on Amazon Prime for free.  I am so very glad that I found this workout on Amazon Prime.  It is awesome.  It’s Pilates based, so I feel like I am getting a really good core/bum workout and can already notice some changes happening in my posture and my bum.  Yes! 

3)  Arms.  I have been neglecting my arms.  So in between my cardio and my “Bum” workout I do three sets of 4 arm exercises, 10 reps each.  I have been switching the types and sequences every day to keep it from getting old and moldy.  I refer to my umpteen Pinterest arm exercise pins for inspiration.

All three of those things equals a full hour of exercise, and it feels mighty good.

Obviously omitted from the equation is running.  I’m going to get to that.  I swear I am.  I have to.  I have to do a 10K in 5 weeks.  I’ll get there.

How about you … Are you staying motivated to work out?  

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