Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Constitutes a "Workout"?

Hello there!  Sorry I was absent yesterday, it was a crazy busy day and by the end of the day I really had nothing exciting to talk about.  Although, do I ever really have that much exciting stuff to talk about?   #blogproblems

So, today I thought I would talk about working out.  Because, why not?

(I've never actually seen the Hunger Games, but this was funny to me)

I’ve been going strong for about 10 days now, only missing one day – a needed rest day – on Sunday.  Every day I have done some form of exercise, either cardio (T25), Perfect Bum, weights, all of the above, or a combination of the above.  There are some days where I am just not feeling the crazy cardio of T25 or have time constraints in the morning, so I try to make sure I do at least one of the workouts each day, which led me to think about something...

On days that I don’t do the crazy cardio, I always feel like I haven’t worked out enough.  That’s crazy, right?  Just doing a 25 minute Pilates (Perfect Bum) routine doesn’t seem enough to constitute a “workout.”  Why?  Why do I feel that way?  

Any workout constitutes a “workout”!!  I could have just as easily sat on the couch and did nothing, but instead I worked ( = workout ).  I may not have broken a crazy sweat or pumped my heart rate up to the max, but I did something ( = workout ).

What prompted this overthinking was, yesterday I had an early morning meeting, so I had to forfeit my morning T25/Arms/Perfect Bum trifecta and just get up and go.  I knew I would do something later in the day, but as the day dragged on the probability of me doing any sort of cardio flew out the window.  At that point I figured I would just kiss the day goodbye because I wasn't going to get a "real workout" in.  

But then I thought, ya know what, I can still salvage a little something.  While I was cooking dinner I pep talked (yes it’s a verb) myself into doing my Perfect Bum workout (25 minutes = the same amount of time our dinner was in the oven, perfect!).  And I am so glad I did.  While Perfect Bum is not the most strenuous workout (it is strenuous, but in a non-strenuous way, if that makes any sense), it still got my blood flowing and I feel like I did my body some good (because Pilates is good, just breathing is a workout!).  This is where I started thinking about the whole “what constitutes a workout” question.  I think too much.  I'm weird.


How about you … Do you have a certain thing you do that “makes” a workout for you?  What constitutes a workout for you?

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  1. Anytime I sweat, it's a workout. If I practice my karate forms, I move and sweat so it's a workout. Of course, there are 20 forms that I know so I sweat quite a bit.
    My preference is to run, run on the elliptical or do the stair climber.