Thursday, February 19, 2015

Disney Dining Review: Akershus at the Norway Pavilion at Epcot

I'm falling behind again on my Disney dining recaps (shame on me!).

A couple of weeks ago we ventured out to Epcot to have dinner with princesses.  Really!  In Norway, the restaurant Akershus offers princess storybook dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a setting that very accurately makes you feel like you are eating in a castle.

See, I wasn't kidding.  

You enter the restaurant and are immediately greeted by a princess.  The night we went it was Belle.  We got to talk to Belle and then got our picture taken with her.  So cool.  I think if Jillian were a little older she would have been all about that.  But instead she was just like "oh hey" and played with her dress saying "YELLOW!" over and over.  So stinkin cute.  

After that we were shown to our table -  quite possibly the worst table in the restaurant.  It never fails, we always get crappy tables.  Remember the Disney Junior breakfast?  Anyway, we were seated like right next to the buffet line - good if you want to frequent the buffet (we didn't), bad if you don't like people milling around your dinner table.  Anyway...

The meal is a three course meal where you have the appetizer buffet, then you order your entree off the menu and then they bring a preset dessert assortment to your table.  Hubs and I didn't really know what Norwegian food was, but the menu items sounded pretty tasty. The appetizer buffet had a bunch of stuff we weren't really into, like smoked salmon and strange lunch meats, so we didn't really partake too much in that.  I'm sure it was good though.  For entrees, Hubs ordered the meatballs (like Swedish meatballs, but I guess they were technically Norwegian meatballs?) and I ordered the roasted chicken.

Before our entrees came, there was a princess processional around the restaurant where all of the princesses paraded around and waved.  It sounds dumb, but it was kind of magical and fun.  Obviously, look at my face in this picture...

(I'm such a geek)

And after that they made their way around the restaurant to meet and greet with each table.  We met Cinderella, 

Jillian:  "You know who you look like?"


Jillian: "I am going to rip that crown right off your head."

Snow White

Jillian:  "My sister auditioned to be Snow White once."

And Ariel

Jillian: "OMG you know Flounder?"

Jillian:  "Alright Dad, enough with the pictures."
It was really fun.  But again, I think Jillian needed to be a little older to truly understand and enjoy what it was all about.  We'll go back when she's like 4 or 5, I'm sure.  

The food was pretty good.  I don't think I would call myself a Norwegian food lover or anything, but my chicken was really good as were Hubs' meatballs.  Our only gripe was the price.  You pay a pretty penny to dine with princesses, I will just leave it at that.  Even with our Tables in Wonderland discount we were still like "whoa, wow, really?"  Oh well, I guess you're paying for the experience.

All in all, great night out!!  

How about you ... Ever dined with princesses before?

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