Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Randomness - Again

Hi there!  It’s Friday again?  How did I go a whole week without dropping in to say hello?  Actually, I sat down to write a couple of times this week and literally had nothing to say.  Like, I just sat at the keyboard like “what should I even talk about?”  So I just didn’t.  You’re welcome for that.

Since it’s Friday, that means some bullet point randomness – yay!

- Did anyone see the Saved By the Bell reunion on Jimmy Fallon?  OMG.  I am that girl who has seen every single episode of SBTB 100 times.  I know every episode, every storyline, everything.  So this was so up my alley.  I was giddy during the whole thing!  And hey, everyone still looks pretty close to what they looked like on the show – 20 something years ago.  (GAH!!!!)

- I am happy that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is featuring plus-sized models.  I am not happy about the fact that they are calling this girl a plus-sized model.  What kind of world are we living in?!?

- Still riding the workout wagon!  Yes!  I’m doing really good too.  Every day I’ve done my T25 and my Perfect Bum, and I even started doing a Pilates mat workout routine that I found on You Tube.  It’s only 15 minutes and reminds me of the days where I used to go to Pilates mat class religiously.  I miss those days.

- I realized earlier this week that the Disney Princess 10K that I am running is two weeks from tomorrow.  Two weeks.  As in 14 days.  I have 14 days to start training.  How did I let myself get here again?  At least it’s only 6.2 miles, right?  If I can fake a half marathon without training, I can certainly get a 10K done.  But it will be ugly…  To psych myself up, I checked out the course map.  It helped a little.

If you're not a Disney geek like me, and can't decipher this map, the course starts in the Epcot parking lot, circles around the roadways around Epcot, goes into the backstage area of Epcot, goes around World Showcase, goes all around the Boardwalk and then back to the Epcot parking lot.  Fun!!   

Does anyone else agree that I just need to retire from running.  Or, wait, I think I already did that.  Hee.

Alright, lots of work to do before I bust out of here today.  Hope you’ve had a wonderful week, have a super weekend!

How about you … Thoughts on the term “plus-size” model?  Any Saved By the Bell fans?  

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  1. I hate the term "plus size" model. Call the girl what she is, a model. Just because she isn't some half starved, chain smoking, size 0, with potential eating disorder issues, does not mean she is not a model. We don't call the others "waif size" models, or "half starved" models, do we?? NO! So why differentiate?! Obviously, I think they need to ditch the term and call her a model, like the others. This is not a diss on Sports Illustrated, just on the modeling industry in general.
    The reality in life is that no guy really wants the half starved model anyway. Yeah, she's a cheap date because she only eats the parsley decoration on the guys plate. But you have to contend with the constant "do I look fat" questions and the chain smoking to avoid being hungry. Pretty sad!
    The guys really want the girl with confidence, who is fun, and doesn't stress about the way she looks all the time.
    As the mother of a teenage daughter, the emphasis that society places on a girl's appearance bugs me, and it is perpetuated in terms like "plus sized" model. My daughter is fortunate not to have self esteem issues. She is smart and athletic and cute and fun and opinionated and talented in so many ways. Her size means nothing to her. Granted, she is a size 1 and 5'7" tall, but she eats everything in sight; but she also runs cross country and track 5 days a week, dances 5 hours a week and does martial arts 4 hours a week.