Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Randomness - Cold Edition

Hey hey it’s Friday! 

I am back from my frigid trip to Hartford and it feels good to be home.  And now, here’s some Friday randomness…

- After my race on Saturday, I went through a couple different levels of soreness.  First it was my abs, then it was my bum and then, like three days later, my left calf started to hurt.  I also have a weird bruise on my let bicep where my iPod was strapped.  Sheesh.  Needless to say, with my trip this week, I took a nice week off from exercise.  Tomorrow I plan on going for a short run, just to keep up the momentum – you know, just in case I decide to run another 10K in the near future.  (I’m eyeing this one)

- I experienced sub-zero temperatures this week!  And I’m not just saying that, I really did.  When I left for the office on Tuesday morning it was negative 2.  I was pretty warm because I had on a really good coat, a hat and gloves, but my face was cold.  My face actually hurt.  Ugh.  Glad I don’t have to experience that often.

And the snow!  There were feet upon feet of snow on the ground, piled up from previous snowfalls in the last few weeks.  I have never seen that before in Hartford.  It was pretty, but it was a little crazy.

- I flew Jet Blue on my way up to Hartford last Sunday.  You know I always always fly Southwest, but I flew Jet Blue for a couple different reasons: A) The Southwest flights last Sunday were no good for my schedule; B) It was Oscar Sunday and I wanted to catch the red carpet shows and knew I could watch it on the Jet Blue TVs.  That part was great.  The part that was not so great – my flight at an hour and a half late.  I don’t know if I’m just extremely lucky, but I never experience flight delays with Southwest.  So literally every time I fly someone other than Southwest I experience delays and I always say to myself “never ever fly someone else again!!”  Lesson learned.  I actually flew Southwest home on Wednesday and it was a much better experience. 

- I am looking forward to a weekend of nothingness.  We have no plans until Sunday evening (a Disney dining outing) so I am planning on getting things done around the house – cleaning, organizing, etc.  I have been itching to get in my closet and just purge a bunch of stuff for weeks now, so that’s on the list.  As is working on our upstairs loft, which looks like a furniture/crap graveyard at this point.  How do three people accumulate so much stuff?! 

Alright, lots of stuff to do.  Just wanted to check in and say hi.  Hope your Friday is off to a great start!  Have a fab weekend!

Question for you … Favorite airline?  Anyone running this weekend?  Do you live somewhere with sub-zero temps?  (I’m sorry)

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