Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Hair Wednesday

Hi there! After a couple of mornings of cardio inactivity (I did do my Pilates stuff so that's something), I saw this on my Insatgram and felt the need to get up and move this morning. 

Oh Shaun T, thank you! My workout this morning was excellent and it made me think "why have I been sleeping in all week and skipping this?" I'll never learn...
Hey guess what? I quit Diet Coke again! I started falling into that trap of drinking more Diet Coke than anything else and feeling really crappy, so I broke free again. I'm happy and don't really miss it at all. Helping with the transition: lots of water with ice. 

It's so much better with ice! 

I just got my hair did

I was so in need of a cut. And color. So I am a happy camper. Now I am chillin at home watching Jane the Virgin (is anyone else watching this?!  It's so good!) and working on my playlist for Saturday's run! 

Hope you're having a great Wednesday! 

How about you ... Water with ice or no ice?  Did you workout today?

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