Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Yesterday I posted my 1,000th post.  How crazy is that?  1,000 writings about complete randomness in my life.  Hooray to me!

Truth be told, as I neared 1,000 I thought about making number 1,000 be my last post.  Yep, I was thinking of shutting down the ol' blog.  But as I got closer and closer to 1,000 I decided that I wasn't quite ready to quit.  I have more stuff to yammer about.

Gosh, what did I ever do without Pic Monkey?  Are you tired of seeing collages yet?

I may not have a lot of followers, or people who read this blog every day, but that's okay.  I like writing about my random stuff, it's an outlet to get things out there and it's something I enjoy doing.  My posts might be few and far between sometimes, but I always come back around.

So keep me on your reading lists folks because I'm sticking around a little longer!  

And in honor of this momentous occasion, here are some of my favorite posts from the early years of the blog - up until Jillian was born.  I kind of cringe when I read a lot of these, but the ones below aren't too awful.  Haha.  Enjoy walking down memory lane!  

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