Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Really Old Stitch Fix Review

I was going through pictures on my phone and totally realized that I never wrote about my last Stitch Fix - which I received probably over a month ago now.  Oops.

I’m gonna do that now.

This Fix had a lot of promise, but fell a little short, although I did end up buying a couple of items.

This top was totally me and super cute.  I liked everything about it ... except the arm holes were too big and showed my bra.  That's so annoying.  Return.

This top had promise, but when I put it on I realized that it was waaaay too short in the front.  Like, showing my belly short.  What is that?!  Return.

When I saw this in my box I squealed in delight because, a) I had seen Heather wearing it on her blog and I instantly loved it; and b) it was the same make and style as my favorite Stitch Fix dress ever (41Hawthorne).  (this one)

However, when I put it on I was a little apprehensive about the length.  It was a little short for my liking (above the knee - I'm a little conservative like that) and I felt like it needed a belt or something in between the skirt part and the black top part, and I'm not fashion savvy enough to put that together or pull that off.  So sadly, I had to give it up.  Return.  

But re-looking a these pictures, I'm kind of rethinking my decision...hmph.  

This last dress was a hit.  It's a long maxi dress that fit so perfectly and was super cute.  And ironically, Heather got the same dress in one of her Fixes and kept it.  Weird, right?  I love it a lot.  Keep!

And this gold necklace was in the box too.  I loved it immediately, however, have I worn it since I bought it?  Nope.  But I will.  Likely with the dress.  Keep!

So all in all, good style in the fix.  I liked pretty much all of the items, outside of the fit problems, and am happy with what my stylist picked for me.  I updated my style profile to include a note about my preferred dress length, so hopefully that will spawn some more good dresses in my next Fix - which is actually scheduled to arrive this Friday!  Woohoo! 

How about you ... Are you a fan of Stitch Fix?   

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  1. You were right to return the black and white dress, unless you had a super cute belt to go with it. Without a belt, it made you look boxy - like you didn't have a waist. I have a 14 year old fashionista who could have fixed me right up with the right belt, so I could have kept it with her help.
    I like Stitch Fix but haven't done it in awhile. I like the maxi dress - super cute!!!