Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  Wait, is anyone happy about a Monday?  I don’t mind them, but today it was awfully tough getting up because both of our kids – Jillian and Zeus the cat – decided they wanted to be awake and vocal at 2:30am.  What the heck?

Anyway, we are coming off of a stellar weekend, so I’m riding the high of the weekend still.  Here’s what made it great…

Friday night dinner with the in-laws.  My in-laws watch Jillian on Fridays and every Friday night my mom-in-law makes dinner for us and this Friday’s meal was so great.  Nothing fancy, just chicken parmesan, pasta and Caesar salad, but it hit the spot.  And it was enjoyed with some wine, so that made it even better.  And for dessert – peach cobbler!  Cobbler is my favorite dessert ever, so the whole meal was just fantastical.

I got a new car!  After a grueling 4 hours at the car dealership, I finally prevailed.  “Angry Kerry” had to come out because they tried to jerk me every which way on the price of the car, but I proudly stuck to my guns and would not back down in the negotiation process.  I got feisty!!  Like, seriously, I almost walked out a few times because I was so infuriated, but thankfully I didn’t have to and I got to drive away in my brand new car with a ridiculously large moon roof. 

I love love love it and want to just drive around for hours. 

Saturday Disney dining date.  The three of us went out for a Disney dining experience on Saturday night at the Port Orleans Riverside resort.  We went to Boatwright’s Dining Hall and then took a long walk around the grounds of the Port Orleans resort – which is just gorgeous and totally made me feel like I was on vacation.  It was a nice night.  I will recap Boatwright’s in a later post.

Sunday morning.  We had another successful church trip this week!  This marks two weeks in a row.  We are on a roll and I really hope to make this a regular part of our weekend routine.

Magic game.  On Sunday evening we left Jillian with my in-laws and Hubs and I had a date to go to the Orlando Magic game.  We got tickets for Christmas and were ready to use them.  We used to have season’s ticket to the Magic a few years ago and it was great, but a lot of commitment.  Now we try to go to at least one game per year, even though the Magic are not the best team at the minute.  We lost big time to Denver, but we still had fun.
That picture on the bottom right - I posed a question on Instagram:  Are almonds still considered healthy if they are coated in sugar and cinnamon?  I think so.  Hee. 

And that brings us to today and a new week!  Given the fact that I didn’t get to sleep for a big chunk of the night, I slept in and will be postponing my workout to this afternoon.  I’m already dressed in my workout clothes, so there’s no excuse, right?

How about you … How was your weekend?

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