Thursday, March 19, 2015


So on Monday I got an email from runDisney saying that the Wine and Dine Half Marathon was going on sale to the public on March 17.  I wasn’t planning on running the half marathon because, well, I’m kind of done with those.  But, I’ve kind of always wanted to run the Jingle Jungle 5K that happens during Wine and Dine weekend because it’s a run through Animal Kingdom. 

When I got this email I remembered that as a Disney annual passholder I get to register for races one week before the public (I utilized this privilege for the Princess 10K), so I jumped on to the passholder site to register.  FAIL.  Apparently there is a cap on the number of passholders who can pre-register (rightfully so), and since I was trying to register on the very last day of the passholder pre-registration it was already full.  Darn it, I wish I had thought of that sooner. 

So I decided set my calendar to alert me when Wine and Dine weekend went on sale to the public (noon on March 17).  I logged on at 12:15 (yeah, that was my first mistake) and I got a message saying that was “in line” and that there were over 100 people in front of me and that my wait time was 22 minutes.  Um, are you serious?  So I waited it out and eventually got in.  I finally got to the login page, entered my info, checked the box for the Jingle Jungle 5K, and BAM sold out.  By this time it was 12:45.  The whole freakin weekend was sold out.  I’m so perturbed at what Disney races have become.

You know I love my Disney races – every single half marathon I’ve done has been Disney – but the fact that you literally cannot even get a bib for them anymore is so frustrating.  I love that they’ve gotten so popular, but sheesh!  So, I have already put a note on my calendar to sign up for the January WDW Marathon weekend (I’m doing the 10K) on the very first day of the passholder preview – April 14 (it goes on sale to the public on April 28). 

I should probably branch out to other non-Disney races, shouldn’t I?  But they’re just so fun! 

How about you … Have you ever run a Disney race?  

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