Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Feeling Great

Hi there!  It’s Day 3 of our little Challenge over here and I have to say I feel freakin fantastic.  It’s amazing what a little healthy eating and exercise will do for you. 

This also means that I have run 3 days in a row.  What?  Yes!  It’s a record.  I’ve decided that this week I am just going to run (well, walk/run) without any sort of structure or anything like that.  Run when I want to run, for as long as I feel like.  Maybe next week I’ll put a little more rigor around it with intervals and stuff.  Or maybe not. 

I think I’ve decided that next week I want to incorporate T25 into the routine.  So maybe run two or three days and T25 two or three days.  I don’t know.  I don’t want to think too much about it, or schedule too much, because that always backfires on me.  I’m doing good right now, I just need to keep it up.

I’ve noticed a couple of things with my running this week that I probably need to correct if I’m going to keep at this.

- I’m running too fast.  This is actually a comical sentence because we all know I run SO SLOW.  But I’m running too fast for me and I need to fix this because I get tired fast and then I walk. 

- I need to strengthen my lower back.  My lower back has been hurting when I run/walk and I know it’s because I am (for some reason) sticking my butt out as I run.  I need to zip it all up.  How?  Building core strength strengthens the lower back, so Pilates, here I come. 

- I’m dragging my foot.  This is normal for me, but it feels so exaggerated this go round.  Like I feel like I am literally dragging my left leg around with me around the neighborhood.

- I need new shoes.  I’ve had these shoes for about a year.  Granted, I haven’t bene running in them much, but today I ran through a puddle and my sock got wet, which means I have a hole in the toe of my shoe.  Common occurrence (see the last bullet point).

Even with these factors thrown into the mix, I’m still super happy that I am back outside in the mornings running around.  It feel so great!  YAY!

And with my new found excitement about running I went to register for the Disney 10K that is happening during the WDW Marathon weekend in January (yes, January).  Pre-registration for Disney annual passholders went on sale yesterday at noon.  I logged on at 1:30 and … 

SO FREAKING AGGRAVATED.  Can I officially say it?  I am DONE with Disney races.  Registration only aggravates me to the point of insanery.  UGH!  It’s pre-registration!  An hour and a half into pre-registration and it sold out?  Are you kidding?  DONE.

Anyway, that’s my story.  3 days in, I feel great, I’m running, I’m on track.  I just hope it lasts...

How about you … How are you feeling?

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