Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Randomness - All Over the Board

Hi there!  Happy Friday!  This week has been a crazy one, so I am glad that the weekend is upon us!  We have some fun plans for the weekend including some Epcot, some Disney dining and some relaxing.  Can’t wait.

So here’s some randomness… (and I apologize in advance, it’s all over the board today)

- The Challenge is still going strong and going great.  I got on the scale today and did a big ol’ happy dance.  Not eating crap all the time really does work people.  (Case in point, I ate asparagus last night.  Me!  Who am I?)  It’s amazing.  And the exercise too – I feel so great.  I ran three days (Monday-Wednesday) and then did Pilates yesterday.  Today I had an 8am conference call, so that was a perfect excuse for a rest day.  Tomorrow I have a longer run (3 miles) planned.  Woohoo!

 True dat!!

- One of my favorite movies of all time is National Lampoons Vacation and I heard this week that there is another sequel (I guess this would be the fifth one?) coming out this summer.  AAH!  It follows the Griswolds as they take their grandkids to Wally World.  Ed Helms plays Rusty, Christina Applegate (love her) plays his wife and Leslie Mann plays Audrey.  OMG, I cannot wait!!!

- Because I’m back into the running and need some new music to run to, I downloaded a bunch of new music yesterday.  Is anyone else totally digging Nick Jonas  lately?  I was never a fan of the Jonas Brother (I’m too old), but when I heard the song “Jealous” I thought it was Justin Timberlake because it had a cool funky vibe, and I feel like JT is cool and funky.  I was surprised when I heard it was Nick Jonas.  And now he has that new song “Chains” – so good. 

- Speaking of music, Amazon Prime now has a music streaming service like Pandora or Spotify!  I haven’t checked it out yet, but I just downloaded it on my phone last night.  It seems to work just like Spotify where it has playlists and channels and all that.  I’m excited to see what they have out there.  I’m always on the hunt for new music.

- Has anyone watched that show Lip Sync Battle?  Wow, it's so good.  There are legit celebrities on there!  It's not like Dancing With the Stars where you're like "who's that?"  I've seen all the eps so far (I binge watched last weekend) and they are so, so funny.  The battles so far have been:  The Rock vs. Jimmy Fallon, Anne Hathaway vs. Emily Blunt, John Legend vs. Common and Anna Kendrick vs. John Krasinski (this was on last night, haven't watched yet).  It's so fun to see celebs acting totally silly. 

Yes, that's John Legend lip syncing to MC Hammer.  And that's Common in the background channeling Lionel Richie.  For real.

- And on a funny note, has anyone see the American Standard toilet commercial?  That’s a weird question, but Hubs and I saw this commercial one night and we literally could not stop laughing for 10 minutes.  It was so funny.  Or maybe we’re just 12 year old who find potty humor funny.  I dunno.

- And last but not least, I had to share my latest Pic Monkey collage with you.  This is from our trip to Chef Mickey’s last weekend.  I promise I am going to start writing Disney Dining recaps again.  I’m so backlogged! 

Told you it was all over the board!  Hope your Friday is great!!

How about you … Were you a fan of the Vacation movies?  What was your fave? (Vacation, European Vacation, Christmas Vacation or Vegas Vacation)

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