Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happiness Boosters

Hello from Hartford, where the high temperature today is about 40 degrees colder than it is at home.  Sheesh.  

On my flight up here I read the latest issue of Good Housekeeping. I love GH, it teaches me how to sorta be Susie Homemaker. Sorta.

Anyway, there was an article about Happiness Boosters (you can read the full article here)  that I dog-eared because it had some great tips that made me go, "ooh I need to do that." So I thought  I'd share a few that jumped out at me. Because everyone wants to be happy, right?

(Me, circa 2011, eating a white chocolate fondue-dipped fruit skewer on a cruise.  Happiness, indeed!)

Appreciate the present - If you're in a situation that is trying - traffic, annoying meeting, the airport (heh) - focus on something, anything,  positive about the then and there. 

Bake - Because baked goods always make people happy (but the messy kitchen does not).

Look at old photos - Happy memories = happiness 

Grin - The cheesier, the better.  (see above)

Inhale - Take a deep breath for 4 counts and exhale for 5 counts, 3 times per hour.  I realized that I do not do this enough.

Make your bed - This starts your day with a small accomplishment, which is always happy.  
Pick up the tab for someone - Whether you know them or not.  I've never done this for a stranger, but I've always wanted to, but feared it would be awkward.  Maybe it's easier at a drive through so you don't have to face them.  You just do your good deed and run.  

Find quiet time, even if life is busy - "your brain needs regular breaks to maintain peak function" (that's direct from the article)

Save money - Coins in a piggy bank or direct depositing into a vacation fund makes me happy.  And related....

Go on vacation - Or plan one.  Both are happy!

Listen to music - Amen, yes.  Music helps me make it through a busy workday sane.

It's the little things that you can do that can make life happier. This article reminded me a little bit of the book The Happiness Project. I started this book back in 2013 and have been dabbling in it since then (crazy I know). It's always good to come back to a read a bit at a time. 

Hope your day is happy!! 

How about you ... Do you do any of these happy boosters?  

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