Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's Been Up and Awesome 80s Videos

Well hi there!  Sorry for being a ghost all week.  It has been so super busy over here and I just haven’t had time to drop in and say hello.  Eh, it happens.

So, here’s what’s been happening over here.

- Had a great weekend!  On Saturday we met up with some friends and went out to Epcot to the Flower and Garden Festival to see a concert by Jon Secada.  Yep, from the 90s. 

I just love that song.  Ha.  Anyway, we hung out there for a while visiting with our friends, which was awesome because we hadn’t seen them in ages.  We actually planned to meet up again in a couple of weeks to see another Flower and Garden concert – Taylor Dayne.  Yep, from the 80s.  So fun.  And hey, don't laugh, she has a lot of songs that you know you know and can sing along to!

 (OMG, the video is amazing!  The crimped bangs, the 80s outfits, wow.  Just wow!)

- After the concert, we walked over to the Boardwalk for our Disney dining date at a new restaurant called Trattoria al Forno.  That would be Italian food.  And delicious Italian food at that. Or maybe it was just extra delicious because Hubs and I had been on the Challenge for almost a week and hadn’t had anything that delicious in 6 days.  It was our cheat meal of the week and it was so worth it.

- Speaking of the Challenge, we are doing great!  Today is the last day of the 10-day “Cleanse” period and I’m happy to say that we have both been super successful.  We both feel awesome, and we’ve both lost weight, which is a nice plus.  We weren’t really doing it to lose weight, we were really just doing it to eat clean and get back on track with things, but hey, I’ll take it!  Next we embark on the 14-day “Max Phase” which is still the same diet (lean protein, fruits, veggies, complex carbs).  Exciting.

- And I’m happy to say that the exercise is also on track still.  Hallelujah!  I had three great runs last week and a day for Pilates and stretching.  I meant to run on Saturday, but it just didn’t happen.  Ah well.  I ran yesterday and it felt so great.  I actually decided to put some rigor around the walk/runs this week and decided to break out my 10K Runner app and use that.  

It’s basically a Couch to 10K program that maps out your running/walking intervals.  It’s pretty awesome.  So yesterday’s run was 25 minutes – 5 min warmup, 1 min running, 1.5 min walking and then a 5 min cool down.  Easy peasy.  I run again tomorrow and then Saturday - it's a 3 day a week program.  

- This morning I mixed in a little T25.  I did the Rip’t Circuit workout and 10 minutes into the workout, the DVD player stopped!  Huh?  After messing around with it for a few minutes, I ejected the DVD only to find a bit ol scratch on the DVD.  GAH!  I’m hoping that if I play it on my computer or a different DVD player I can salvage it, but we’ll see.  Bummed.  So to finish out my workout I did this arm routine from YouTube. 

And now you’re all caught up.  Not too exciting up in here.  I hope your Wednesday is fantastic!! 

How about you … What was your workout today?

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