Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Randomness - 3-Day Weekend Style

It’s Friday!  And it’s Memorial Day weekend!  Woo! 

I’m on an endorphin high that will hopefully carry me through the day and into the 3-day weekend!  Here’s a little Friday randomness to get the party going…

Raise the roof.  I sent a co-worker an email this morning and said something stupid like “It’s Friday!  Raise the roof!” (because I’m a dork) and now I cannot get that song out of my head.  Nothing like a little Luke on a Friday morning, yes? 

And now it's stuck in your head too!  You're welcome!

Running.  This morning I did Run 3 of Week 5 of C210K.  Thankfully, no dogs followed me.  I did 8/5 intervals.  Yes.  I did.  5 min walk, 8 minute run repeated two times with a 5 minute cooldown.  I’ve come a looong way from my 2/1 intervals of the past.  Go me! 

That said, the 8 minutes of running was a little tough.  I peeked ahead to next week – Week 6 – and I graduate to 10 minute running intervals, and on Day 3, a 15 minute running interval.  Holy jeez!!  I am pretty sure I am going to repeat Week 5 again next week.  I feel like I need to get super comfy with 8 minutes before I move forward.  Right?

Tomorrowland.  This weekend Hubs and I have a hot date to go see Tomorrowland.  I really have no idea what the movie is actually about, but it’s Disney related and it has George Clooney in it, so who cares!  I’m looking forward to it! 

Bachelorette.  Did anyone watch The Bachelorette?  They’ve been touting that there are two bachelorettes for months now.  Not true.  There were two bachelorettes on night one.  Now there is one.  They already voted Britt off the island, so now it’s just regular old Bachelorette.  Although I will say this season looks primo.  I like Kaitlyn a lot, she’s fun. 

That’s all I’ve got.  If I’m going to bust out of this place early for the holiday weekend, I should probably get to work.  Have a fabulous Friday and an even better holiday weekend! 

How about you … Bachelorette fan?  Any interested in seeing Tomorrowland?  Any cool weekend plans?

1 comment:

  1. Not a Bachelorette fan. Didn't even know it was on TV.
    Also not interested in seeing Tomorrowland for two reasons: 1) The reviews hate it and state it is a mess; 2) I won't waste my money on George Clooney movie. I don't like his politics and have no desire to pour my hard earned money into a hypocrite's pockets.

    The weekend was spent studying and cleaning and dinner plans with friends. Nothing too spectacular. Kids have finals coming up in a couple of weeks so they needed the extra study time.