Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kerry: The Dog Wrangler

Hello there!  I went for my second run of the week this morning and realized that I failed to include two big items on my Real Runner Problems list from last week. 

Spider Webs.  I don’t know how these buggers do it, but they create elaborate, giant webs overnight.  And it never fails, every time I run I run right through their handiwork - multiple times.  BAH!  In some respects I feel bad that I’ve totally deconstructed their hard work.  In other respects I’m so disgusted that I have sticky web on me and worry that I have taken the spider with me in my hair.  Yeesh!!! 

Yes, true.

Dogs.  When I encounter a dog on a run (which isn’t all that often), I never know if I’m dealing with Cujo or Lassie.  A dog who is going to be sweet and nuzzling, or a dog that’s going to bite my face off.  Either way, I’m apprehensive when approaching a pup.  Which brings me to this morning…

This morning I was doing my C210K Week 5/Day 2 run – the one that includes my first 8-minute run.  Seriously, my last run I ran 6 minute intervals (and almost died), I think a jump to 8 minutes is a little much, yes?  Anyway…  I was a little apprehensive about my 8-minute interval, but I was about 4 minutes into it, feeling good, when I ran past a house where, apparently, the owners had just let their dogs out.  They (the dogs) saw me running by and immediately ran at me full force barking.  EEK!  One was a little poodle-y dog that I wasn’t too worried about, and one was a bigger dog that could have been Cujo-ish, but thankfully wasn’t.  And of course, as I ran by they both continued to follow me.  Just great.

Being that I was in the middle of my big 8-minute run interval and I was in the zone, I was annoyed that I had to slow down to walking because I didn’t want the dogs to get too far away from home.  I kept looking for the owners and didn’t see anyone.  And finally a kid comes running after us.  I stopped so the dogs would stop, but little poodle puff darted into the street just as a car was coming.  AAH!  I literally covered my eyes and screamed.  Didn’t run out to help, just stood there screaming.  I’m awesome.  Thankfully the car stopped and the kid ran to collect the dog, but that little bugger was fast (way faster than me), so the kid took off the other way chasing that one down.  And I kept going.  Trying to salvage my running interval, I kept on running and vowed to make up the time I missed during the next walking interval.

About 5 or 6 houses down I realized that dog #2, the Cujo one, was still following me.  GAH!  Do I go back and deliver the dog to their house?  Do I keep going?  I figured the kid who tracked down the poodle would come and get Cujo, so I just kept going.  It was kind of fun having a little companion on my run, but I was worried that he’d dart out into the street and get hit, and then that would totally be on me and I’d feel absolutely awful.  So I kept my eyes peeled for the kid.  Nothing.  Did they not care about Cujo?  Maybe that wasn’t even their dog?  So I kept going.  Finished off my 8 minutes (albeit it wasn’t 8 straight minutes) and finally spotted the kid.  He must not have seen me because he turned down a different street.  So I ran to catch up to him telling Cujo to follow me.  Never saw the kid again, but as I walked toward their house I saw his mom walking towards us, so I flagged her down pointing to Cujo.  I delivered him safely and felt like I did a good deed for the day.  Go me! 

My run on the other hand went into the crapper.  I walked for the rest of the time, fulfilled my 32 minute workout, and went home.  So I’m gonna have to make that run up tomorrow now.  Meh.  But it was kind of exciting, all the dog stuff.  Just call me Kerry: Dog Catcher or Dog Whispered or Dog Wrangler. 

How about you … Any dog encounters on a run?

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