Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Randomness

Hi there!  Happy Monday!

So I meant to post a Friday Randomness post, but I never got the chance to finish it for Friday, and I had that Stitch Fix review all queued up and waiting, so I just went with that on Friday.  So here are my random Friday thoughts…on a Monday.

Running highlights.  As you may have noted from my post last week, I’ve totally been bitten by the running bug.  I had a good week.  Got in my three runs and they were good.  I peeked ahead to my C210K app and I have to run a whopping 8 minutes without stopping on days 2 and 3 this week.  WHAT?!!  I feel like that’s a big jump to go from 5 to 8 in a week.  Yes?  I’m OK.  I’ll be fine.  Run 1 is tomorrow.  Wheee!

Heather’s Spotify 90’s/2000’s playlist.  OMG.  This playlist has such an vast variety of awesome songs on it, I couldn’t help but jam out at my desk with a huge smile on my face.  There was also lip synching.  I literally squealed when certain songs came on.  (I’m glad I sit in an area of the office where most of the people work from home, so no one could witness my cheesiness)  Some gems: “Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant?  Hello 8th grade!  “C’mon Ride It (The Train)” by Quad City DJ’s?  I still jam out to this song regularly on my iPod.  “Back Here” by BBMak?  This was post boy band era, but still one of those songs where I was like “OHH!!”.  So great!  Thank you Heather for making my week!

 Olive Garden breadstick sandwich.  Um, yeah.  Have any of you heard that they are going to be introducing sandwiches at Olive Garden using their heavenly breadsticks as the bread?  Chicken parm and meatball sandwiches to be exact.  So we’re talking chicken parmesan on a delicious Olive Garden breadstick (I’m assuming it will be a larger version of their breadsticks, or just a very narrow sandwich?).  It sounds heavenly, and not at all healthy.  But I’m totally in and so are J and Hubs.  In fact we exchanged a group text about it.

Finales.  Last week was TV finale week and I couldn’t be happier.  While I love my shows, it is so hard to keep up sometimes, so I’m looking forward to the summer break.  The big shows I watch all ended last week and of course they all ended with cliff hangers.  Ugh. 

Veggie Chips and Straws.  I discovered these.  Anything with “veggie” in the title is something I normally shy away from, but my mom-in-law had these on hand last week and I tried one and enjoyed it.  After a little research I learned that these are not really “veggies,” they are potatoes.  There’s really nothing “veggie” about them actually.  But hey, they’re better than a normal chip.  Bought a Costco sized bag of them this weekend.  Dangerous.

Jillian's weekend highlights.  And finally, here is a Jillian collage from last week.  Because I don’t include enough pictures of her on the blog.  Fun includes washing the car, playing in the pool, meeting Mexico Donald and dressing up and going to Sunday school.  She has quite the fun life.  

How about you … Favorite music to listen to?  Will you try an Olive Garden breadstick sandwich?  Are your regular shows done for the summer?

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